The Iron Fence of Guangming Road

Within the iron fence on Guangming Road, under a row of tall poplar trees, is a row of rare but clean red brick masonry buildings. At the door of a room, my son will carry water here. At that time, the street was full of city noises, bustling, indescribable, vulgar and mysterious..     The worry is, son, hurry up and get well, the potions that are infused into these different liquids. The figure of my son, who was still jumping, was watching a few black cat police chief on TV in the house, but now he said again and again: ” I’m getting taller”,’ I can’t understand anything. I’m nearly four years old? I can’t understand anything. I’m four years old? The adults did not dare to look at it, but it was dangerous. Spider – Man was changed by spiders. He sat under a tall poplar tree, in a chair welded with steel bars, waving his left hand without a needle, with a serious manner, as if without any pain. When I saw the liquid drop in the last dropper, I was urged to pull out the injection. Ah, child suffering.     My heart was in a panic. I don’t know what to do. My son’s fever was low and he lingered melancholy between 37 and 38 degrees. He has been carrying water for nearly half a month. He changed three clinics and still lingered melancholy.. Several doctors have no other way to ask the elder sisters of the unit, saying that when children were young, they always kept low fever and couldn’t find the cause and effect, although they all survived well in the end.. I have no choice but to feel anxious.     After pulling out the needle tube, Gao Yang, a health care hospital, saw that the sunset in the distance had gradually fallen into twilight. On the huge western sky wall, in the corner of the heavy twilight, there are not many sunset glow, like a weak child’s light color smeared casually, telling me that the secret unknown is hidden in the depth of the child’s handwriting and in the colorful sunset glow.. How to get inside the child’s body? And the child’s heart? So many mysteries? Melt yourself into wisps of wisps of thread, or crush it into air to enter the deep field or space and time?     But the son is also good at forgetting, that is, tolerant and fearless, the pain of acupuncture and the difficulty of transporting water not only forget, but also quickly forget my reprimand to him in anxiety. He does not care about me and brings me a bowl of maroon mung bean tea: ” Dad, you drink it.”! ‘ words and deeds like a clever sensible young man. I took it, said thank you and drank it off. Ganlin is thirsty for irrigation.     In the evening when the anguish was slightly alleviated, outside the place where they lived, the noisy voices were already close to the tail, and they could be seen dropping on the ground one after another and ending up. Hear the sound of their decay has begun to ring. Scaffolding in the distance is still rising day after day, without standing up and studying or looking up, it can be seen with its arms outstretched as soon as it looks up. After lowering the head, the family’s potted plant has also grown up, as if in a split second, the blade is like a sword, and the sword heart is held up, shining with a light that is not bright but solid..     Everything is rotting, everything is growing. Like my son, no illness or harassment can stop his growth, including the inexplicable illness and reprimand from even his father..     Today is about to pass and evening is coming. The Light of Childhood