Freezing point and boiling point

Some people like ice cold, because calm; but not close, but also because of the cool ice.Some people like the fire of fanaticism, because enthusiasm; more not close, or because the fanatical fire.In clear natural body, there is the boiling point and freezing point of the perfect combination.New Year’s Day each year, the school and the students always want to organize Youth League?Times a variety of activities, although busy, but very few new ideas.This year, the playground became an unprecedented price student booth, CD, tapes, books, games flying.3-day business, let us light a lot of pressure on the stock.When the fast end of the day, there is always a bespectacled boy to disappointing: a fast closing Taner, pack up and go back to school, come back next time.Who is he?We grade?Ah, the Communist Youth League.He’s kinda funny, every time when people are sullenly boom, strong Renzhao Xiao.It is clear then to my first impression.Since then, found graded teaching, I and his English in a class.Closing of Arts and placement, he assigned our class.Winter holiday, I interviewed Benson finalized, I ran to get clear.School, class teacher and then as a designated clear language class representative, eye-popping his appearance is typical of the type of science, is not genteel.Surprisingly, he was very competent representative of this class, often stunned language lesson.Two days ago, “Thunderstorm” in our class staged.He decorated ZHOU, wearing a dark blue robe, still wearing glasses, gestures reveals an old China capitalists gentleman gas.ZHOU dilemma, his look is wavering; his sullen when voice full of explosive.Curtain fell, waves of applause.He once said he liked Slam Dunk, bought a VCD.Yingmuhuadao Xipixiaolian like to say: I am a genius!I’ve seen them play basketball together.I belong to watch outsiders, but insiders say he was like a general technology.Lessons learned, and technology needs to be improved.There are a classic special physical education, we girls playing volleyball, the ball fly, side Picking a girl shouted: Yeah this is what Big Brother?!I followed her finger, see the rebound, a black youth, on the grounds of sitting cross-legged, holding a black book, a closer look: turned out to be high school physics Reading!It is clear then black youth.Basketball flying in front of him will be as nothing, this man frowning, still see with relish.I had to give him!A fierce woman can not help but sigh.Sleepless nights as he did bite physical nature fruitful.Not only the physical, the whole science are accomplished.Recently, he participated in the mathematics competition, all multiple-choice questions per FECT; aldehyde chemical talked about silver mirror reaction, demonstration test done after the teacher, looking for someone to do another one.In view of formaldehyde reputation is not very good, or for other reasons, under the silence.I come!Then, clear then strode podium, taking the tube, was added dropwise a solution, there might be a kind of mold.With a good solution, use your hand over the heat, to appear silver mirror.He stood there with a straight face, carefully clutching a test tube, after a while child, he let go, a layer of silver mirror appear in the test tube wall, the effect is even better than the teacher’s demonstration test.Under the laughter.Possible, above plot can occur in many people’s stories, so I want to tell someone to tell me the story of his winter vacation.I was about to send to send him across the North Star Mall thinking.I point to the card, from the overpass, did not see him, just relax, I would see a person in the bridge, head to the fast food outlet, from memory, then this person is cleared.Hi!Hello, you’re clear then it?Very tacky and very useful opening remarks, let’s go inside.To the second floor, a glass of Coke, a cup of lemon tea, conversation began, first chat.I noticed one of his clothes, from jackets to sweaters are all black; neither burly stature, nor weight loss; facial features nothing special, but quite angular face; speak a tepid, not wide not sound fine, but with a special tail.The question first, I ask the story of his junior high school.Intuitively, that he is not very smooth 3 years.I was in junior high school?In the.My elementary school graduation exam before the exam 177.5 points, mathematics 80 points on 93 languages.5 points.I just junior high school, the results quite times.Our school principal called the old war, is said to be veterans, we are very strict tube, do not wear uniforms rushed us on the playground shouting you do uniforms?!Wear to!I was in the second class, the teacher called Wang Jun, Yang and Wu is a group of the couple, then the two of us split classes, and engage in different levels of teaching pilot.After the sub is over, we learn together, and the atmosphere is better.Because the couple is taught Well, who then had to listen, both of which are class teacher, they have also very strict tube.The teacher told me to stay a fairly long time, they would teach me how to behave, rather than always telling me how to learn, talk to the teacher exchange feelings.At that time just out of school, in their words, it is one of the foul problems.They say a lot of things, I do not particularly acceptable, for example, quick exam, they always let us define the back, get a foundation.I think the problem is not going to do it on the line!The teacher may also capacity constraints it, academic performance has been stagnant.Wait until the first two days, come up academic performance.In any case, they help to me particularly large, or else not on?in.Junior high school, what do think is very handy, physics, chemistry competition I must take the first, did not run!The first two days, I took part in the HM group.A man named Sun Ming and I learned together, very good relations.The two of us together in the Science and Technology Museum of these people..Summer vacation, busy national game, do not go home every day, all day with the teacher work together, then take a train to Henan game.Because the model aircraft can not match in the city, in the vicinity of the airport, or where there is a large lawn, it is especially difficult conditions.That I took the gold medal, but also thanks to Sun Ming.We do aircraft ignition launch, the rocket and then fall off and let it glide in the air.Once flight, wind, fly the aircraft lost.That is what I do best aircraft, light aircraft several grams than others, or to see it fly lost.At that time he went to the wilderness, climbing room to find the aircraft, particularly miserable.Even helicopters were spent, still can not find.I had brought two aircraft, there is a bad fly.Sun Ming time did not participate in the competition, in order to help me, and lend me his plane took.That aircraft flying is not very good, the two of us working towards the same night, the next day flight, the third day of the tournament, did not expect success, but also quite easy.That felt everything without effort, really can not do it.If you are not experiencing difficulties, you do not let God into!Like on ‘day to drop any man also, we must first suffer their aspirations’, in particular those remarks justified.At the museum, our teacher turned out to be the national team, the day he learned to follow the model aircraft, learned a lot, but now is no time, and so can only be finished university in order to continue the.