If you knew grams company, Mr. John Martin.When I first acquired company computer garden, one of the partners is Martin’s.But his hand only 10% of the shares.

  Computer Corner was Millard company’s other major shareholder, has put another 90% of the shares are all sold me.So Martin was forced sale of shares in the hands of.At that time he was prepared to resign, but I managed to retain him!I told him.Even if he did not have a little bit of the shares, if he wants to stay, people can still become a gram company really call the shots!
  So Martin chose to stay, and now he had the right choice has been rewarded.He is now one of the most famous National Retail managers, popular pursuit of capital on Wall Street.Grams last year to pay his salary, bonus and equity worth more than $ 15 million, can be described as fame and fortune!
  And today I also want you to stay, because I think Blockbuster company can develop into the next one gram company in the Eastern bloc!You sell the entire equity interest of choice is very wise, because Blockbuster now is too small.
  Even if you keep a stake, after a lot of capital into the Eastern bloc, these shares will be diluted quickly to negligible proportions!But you should stay because the resulting company Blockbuster massive blood transfusion after the Eastern bloc, the next time it is a grand exhibition!
  You absolutely do not need to worry about their future work, I will not be a handicap.I can say something not very nice words, Eastern Group, as a total of up to several hundred billion dollars of assets over