e and want to stay away?

  Under not fully grasp, he tends to the conservative strategy the defenders, mostly from the majority of people live their lives.After a moment of emotional than try to be brave, people’s safety is the most important, even if it was ridicule timid, fear war, he also insists.
  But after a successful harvest twenty-five thousand enemy’s life, under the premise of their Meng toward the dominant, Daiqin Why so confident that you can get out?
  On the basis of Kaifeng hold on, his goal is to wipe out another Mongolian Jijun, they will forever remain in the land of Bangladesh towards.
  This is to protect the Mongolian grasslands will return all the way through the city without being the other’s attack looting, want to know how Mongolia Jijun after the北京夜生活网 setback would be crazy, is bound to anger to vent to the ground state capital.Furthermore their long journey also requires materials supply, do not need to know that they will want to Bangladesh from the city towards the plunder supply itself, only to suffer when people along the way.
  How can people watched the tragic fate imminent killings, not just Kaifeng should be protected, those weak defense forces belong to the same city towards Bangladesh, and also subject to the court’s attention.
  Furthermore, it will also be a warning to the Mongol court, and towards Bangladesh from time to time they coveted!
  Mongolia’s former military move, the army ready to go, after the team’s Jijun being quietly waiting for the team before moving.
  Although the withdrawal, but all busy but not chaotic, Daiqin not fixed Mangfu art of war.It seems杭州桑拿 cynical, but secretly been wary of action towards Bangladesh.
  The current team rushed all the way to the moment you are going to start, when he was relieved to think that Bangladesh towards the timid dare out of the city, suddenly raised the birth foreboding, that he suddenly creeps.
  ’Squeak’ drawbridge is lowered 上海夜网voice, like thunder resounded through the ears, Daiqin disbel