d and erect, he found the room Ruanta, obscure shadows, as if sitting in a vague voice.

  Meteors heart was in his throat: “little lady?”
  ”Ok.”Jiang Rou should be the sound.
  Meteors quickly lit candle, bright moment came, repel the darkness, only to see her couch si杭州桑拿tting in a white dress girl.
  The little girl seemed to have been waiting for a long time, barefoot, black hair hanging sof北京桑拿tly behind her hand, carrying a teapot.
  Rou Jiang shook teapot: “I am thirsty middle of the night, it will come to you no water to drink.”
  Meteors did not dare to the effect, she took the teapot ginger Rou hands, with fingertips touching, just touch her cold hands.
  ”You wait a long time yet?”She asked cautiously.
  Almond-eyed girl black and white, look to when water Wet, very soft.
  She shook her head: “also did not take long.”
  Meteors quickly took the teapot his room, poured a warm ginger tea and handed Rou.
  Rou drank ginger breath, it seems the thirst.
  She rubbed at corners of the mouth, barefoot jumping to stay: “I go back to sleep, you have early rest.”
  Meteors fingers trembling, she did not know ginger Rou you will not see anything, tunnel: “I send little lady back.”
  Jiang Rou never refused, until she retur深圳桑拿网ned to the room and lay back in a warm blanket, still he muttered: “Meteors, hard some of you, help me to see the talent of tomorrow fighting Yan wear costumes and craniofacial there is no mistake, I’m worried.”
  Meteors face is no different, she returned ginger Rou tucking: “Rest assured, I went to count properly and then rest.”
  Ruannuo waxy little girl to be the sound, and then turned over to self-indent warm bedding inside, close their eyes to sleep.
  Meteors and sat at the edge of the bed will determine ginger Rou really asleep, she got up, took a thin poin