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Chapter 172 of the birth of idol
  Gu sleep quietly knocked on the door into the time, Li Chuze asleep on the couch, and even knock on the door did not hear.
  Gu went to sleep softly edge of the sofa, crouch down, carefully looked at Li Chuze.
  Look so close, only to find he seemed thinner, and it looks a bit tired, eyebrows slightly folded, at the moment there are shallow green, thick and long eyelashes, thick cover down.
  Such heat with her now, just two months on the job a bit too much.
  Let alone been red from the debut to the present Li Chuze.
  Li Chuze asleep but I did not make it seem unattainable.
  His good skin white, skin is also very good, even the pores are not, make the skin delicate girls are jealous.
  Gu sleep raised his hand, and with the back of his face for comparison and found that he could not tell her face, white, white hand.
  Li Chuze suddenly opened his eyes, and squatted on the edge of t佛山桑拿网he sofa to sleep care as a right.
  Both were stunned for a moment.
  Then you see Gu Li Chuze sleep being on hand in front of him, it seems, as if to touch him, but have not met him, he woke up.
  Li Chuze face heat a little, frowned.
  Gu sleep instantly drew back, embarrassed, said: “Are you awake?”
  Li Chuze sat up, looking a little stiff: “Something?”
  Gu watched him sleep a little stiff there is a clear complexion ears turn red heart with the number, she did a half upturned face makeup extraordinarily pure, blinked, he said:
  ”Nothing, that is a little like you. ”
  Li Chuze the people are froze, completely Gu sleep this sentence to overawed.
  Gu sleep lips sip out of a smile, peering at Li Chuze, without any tweaking shy: “Li Chuze, I love you.”
  This is the first time she called his name, speaking fluent, but with广州桑拿网 a soft tone.
  Li Chuze pupil contraction are up, their whole face tends to solidify status.
  ”How about you?”Gu sleep crooked head tilt:” Do you like me?”
  Li Chuze the Adam’s apple rolling a bit tough, ears heat quickly spread to the face, the pale skin gradually began to fill.