Report – Years scratches thirty-four

Report – Years scratches thirty-four after work, unit leaders to use my heavy, he had some ideas also work with me to talk about, listen to my views.Once, he asked me if you hear talk about certain units of housing?I heard say, leaders said, why do not you tell what I do?I was stunned, I do not know how to answer, because I never even thought I had this obligation.Since then, the leadership would give me the important work arrangements, but his thoughts rarely talk to me say.  This thing makes me very uncomfortable, because the leadership of the eyes revealed a distrust of me.I could not help reflect on why I did not think to report?I think the report will?  Finally, I dug up roots of thought, because I think to do that is to the informant, the informant and shame that I bothered to do.Of course, it concluded, after still not reporting.  My “informant shameful” Where do ideas come from?Think about it, should come from the propaganda, books, movies, and even my comic, the informers are not all bad guys do Zhangtoushumu?Of course, from the practice in elementary school when there was love playing the “Report” students, by people in contempt, and therefore finally beaten.  That was in mid-1962, I was in Baoding thick Fu Ying primary school, where classes are Bingban, the class teacher is Liu.  Liu is a young teacher, fat, short braids tied very thick, not married.A good relationship with her students, many students are looking for her to play her dorm, I’ve been to, but also gave her painted beetles.Former teacher seems more like girls, because the girls obedient, do not make trouble.And Liu is treated equally, even some of the boys seemed to prefer.  She teaches a good lesson, temper, what we all like her, of course, looking forward to her like us.Let us worry that we are on the instructor’s class, or on self-study courses, did something bad she can know, often have criticized.So strong suspicion up atmosphere in the classroom, people want to ferret out that playing the “Report” bad guy.  People first suspected a large squad.We also have before class monitor, but basically no matter what, is shouting numerous “Stand,” “salute” when the teacher came into the classroom, so the squad leader not spectacular.And now the squad is particularly serious and responsible, the teacher is not a teacher she is the agent, who is not disciplined, she will stand up tube.  The squad leader, surnamed Li, the largest and look high in the class age, quite powerful, fear of her classmates, she also served pipe.In people’s minds, she pipes up, you served, the thing is over, she will not tell these teachers.Because of her academic performance is not very good, her students learn well, naughty students, not stigma, so his classmates regarded her as a sister look of love affairs, no one hostile to her.  After a period of observation, it ruled out the suspicion of a large squad.Because something big pipe squad before, when Liu critics are not mentioned, and Liu mentioned are big pipe squad had no.A large squad of personality, if she found out, it must be corrected on the spot, rather than to criticize the report by the aid Liu.So Liu criticized those things, no big squad should be observed.Since she did not find, of course, it is impossible for her reporting of.  Spy pulling out, Liu also released “crimes”.Our class had a “prince,” Xu students, most are named, what playing tricks with other students ah, deliberately put a loud fart funny class people laugh ah, playing the flute buried under the table, ah, to name a few.I estimate that the informer must have put him as the focus of a marking target.  After Prince redeployment, although there is no such class name “Prince”, but also to follow the prince’s gang, Xu students become their backbone.Xu classmates tall, always wear dirty clothes is broken.He does not love a fight, love plays the fool.He is funny tricks dancing jokes, do not even listen to the people a laugh, he can own their own funny laugh doubled up, shed tears, and finally people will laugh because of his posture ridiculous and laugh.  Another class of students surnamed Xu, also points over name.He sub relatively short, all the class he called the Little Xu tube, and the tube former “prince” called the big Xu.  Another class of students named Ann, naughty, often named.For example, he caught earthworm (farmland in the small lizard, chameleon hemp scientific name) hidden in pencil boxes, such as study hall when suddenly released, scare girls.  I also had the name of the point, guilt is self-study courses are not doing their homework, playing grasshopper.I actually want to paint it shining.  Of course, there are many, and not enumerate.The person named more, people will have a basis for pulling spies, often named can be ruled out, never to be named the prime suspect.  Big Xu hate this informer, so he began to arrange for someone to man-mark the key suspects – while it is not, turn their desk.Marker soon receive results, it was discovered that some students remember disciplinary matters in the long note of the desk classmates.  Long students in the class can be considered cattle.His father is one of the best in the old Baoding Red Army, serving what I heard he took office, but light enough to awe the identity of the.At that time the old Red Army’s political status can be high, almost a symbol of the revolution, aiming at his head like a halo, like.He had such a father, arrogant smelling, it is understandable.  Long classmates tall, white face up against, straight nose, very spiritual, but the words would focus on children nasal.He was always dressed opt for whole, just like the movies, like New China Children.He does not love a joke, always serious, and not very willing naughty children to play with, so much his friend.He is not proud, nor brag, never talking about his father is an old Red Army to do, so we do not know what the heroic deeds of his father.  The school also organized the Red Army to the students to make a report, but not his father.Just remember an old Red Army (surname like mine) say took part in the battle Pingxingguan in the report, but said he was speaking on the books and not the same as.Later the students talk, which makes up the old Red Army how it?Students are looking forward to be able to make primary school students to Long’s father, but also to increase our class honor, may our will has not been achieved, Long classmate’s father also has maintained a mysterious unknown.  Because of this background, the students lessons on how this spy, and lost it.After some discussion, Xu big final decision, wait and see, continue to monitor.But there are also students did not follow the “prince” of the instructions of, the dragon classmate takes a side swipe.  Soon, the dragon of monitoring the students, there has been new progress.Monitoring of the students found from Long desk in the diary, although there is no evidence of a hurry to play the “Report” to find, you can see the content enough to make students angry, there was a diary, wrote: “Today I went to see Liu teacher, sent her a packet of brown sugar and four peaches.”So, people have a new material dragon attack the students, not only calling him ‘lackeys’, also calling him ‘fawn dog’.  Later, surveillance has progressed, watching his man and found in his desk in a note addressed to girls, though not nauseating, but also wrote “love”, “love” and so on.So people gave him an exaggeration, he said he wrote a love letter.  From Prince set the boys and girls are not allowed to speak rules, there has been compliance with the good, the prince is transferred, and no one destroy this rule.But by the sixth grade quietly changing circumstances.Big squad with big sister itself, unashamed to speak with the boys, the boys feel no taboo to speak with her, and opened the first of its kind male and female students talking.Subsequently, little boys and girls whispered words (boys and girls in our class at the same table), and everyone is tolerated, at most, gave them booing.Long naked students can write a love letter, it is difficult to be accepted everyone.  Long classmate of the girls love, from the fifth grade is transferred outside of school.Cadres family, little Miss temper, quite love face rejection child, we are at arm’s length, the dragon did not expect the students but want to get close to her.Long love letter written by the students who eventually sent to the hands of the girls, who can girls looked very angry, the note handed over to Liu.  In fact, the desire has never been seen boys and girls intercourse, because to graduate, do not exchange too late.Long classmate people move antipathy, mainly that the purpose of his impure ulterior motive, of course, there is more based on his “lackeys” and “curry favor with dog” criminal record.So, people attack on him from the “dog” to “Wolf”, calling him a “pervert”.  At this point, the students also large Xudui Long lost patience, because the students after the dragon attack by innuendo others, and there is no convergence, “Report” is not wrong according to play.  Xu big decision lessons learned dragon classmates, so make plans to launch everyone.Discuss the results is to engage in “Zangtu dustpan smashed head” action for Long classmates.We were in the classroom is that between the west monomer old building, and the door was two off the tall carved wooden doors, the top can form an angle to the inside when the door ajar, just to put the stability of the installed dustpan Zangtu.We can put away long before the students dustpan door, waiting for him when he hit the door.  The next day, a bunch of us who are involved in the development program to advance to the school and arrange for someone leaked at the school gate.Students who test the waters to see the dragon came, immediately ran back to report that we immediately put into a dustpan with a Zangtu the classroom door unlatched.Everyone is sitting in his seat, staring at the classroom door, waiting to be spectacular.  Long students naturally do not know it all, humming a ditty on the door as usual into the.At that moment his door, a dustpan Wow falling down, throwing out all Zangtu buckle in his head, dustpan also smashed his shoulder.This scene also exciting than expected, the classroom suddenly brought down the gallery.  Long Shan head student while wiping the face, while squalling.Looked at his face wipe the more flowers, more people with awkward smile.  Long classmate angry cry, squalling increasingly point: “Do not pretend you did grandson, you have the ability to stand up!”Also a a ‘Fuck’, one a ‘turtle’.  Listening to him shouting, people involved in the matter can not afford to laugh out, his face is getting ugly.The last big Xu stood up, livid face he said: “I did it, you are his mother how the?”Having decisively went over, caught hold of the neck collar Long classmates, shaking and said:” scold one, I will catch you face!”Dragon is no longer squalling students, but hard to catch his bird chest breaking hand.Xu big can of grip tightened and brought students to the premise of the dragon, mentioned almost face to face, and then things by the book and said: “You listen to me, if you dare and then the teacher told the black-like, I put you can not afford to play three days to climb to kang!”Then he let go back to their seats.  Long the students did not do any resistance, he froze for a moment, went out to look wash water pipe.Long into the classroom when the students again, no one to laugh again.  I am worried that students will matter told Long Liu, leads to much controversy, but things actually passed quietly.After Liu no longer name and shame people, it seems the dragon students did not resort to “Report”.  Long classmates and I had a good relationship.He lived in the compound next to child health bureau in Baoding new outpatient department of the North, we were the way to go after school, cooked after he invited me to their house to listen to the “little horn” radio show, they have a radio at home.  They house a large house, the house is also very particular about furnishings.The old Red Army his father does not seem to work, every time I go to his house after school, I was able to find his father to stay at home.His father does not like to talk, we saw these kids these policies, we will save trouble, do not call him directly with the students to play the dragon on the line.Long students home toys, go to their house to play is very interesting.When students play together and the Dragon, he was very easy-going, very sincere, not at all superior means.  Then just a show called “mine warfare” of the anti-Japanese war theme of the film, after seeing the dragon students also want to create their own mines.He said he had found a formula for manufacturing explosives, sure to make explosives.And so do the explosives, they dig into a big hole in the brick, put on fuse firecrackers, he will create a landmine.  May at this event occurred during the informant, I greatly dislike him, leaving him play.Of course, how his progress in research and development work, also no way of knowing.  Later I also think, it is not Liu arranged for him the task of monitoring the students do?If so, he should not be doing that in the end it?