It could never be as good as the Chu Shen’s wish.

  Let her ask the people, I am afraid not born?
  Chu Shen hung up the phone, they immediately call Tan Yin Lu Huainan.
  ”I know.”
  ”You have made little progress there?”
  Tan Yin hear a call back directly to the point, I would not feel strange land Huainan.Because before the broker had told him, but did not expect to land in Huainan broker was able to conceal  Yin.
  Tan Yin just so calm reaction of some pretty contrary to his expectations, her voice calm as if she is not abusive users, but others.
  He is really getting to like her.
  Lu felt Huainan fifth hearts light up, raised an eyebrow slightly Yin Tan.
  Lu Huainan mouth fills with gentle and doting smile, his gentle voice with the most magnetic Tan Yin told his side of the case.
  Since Tan Yin calm, Lu also faithfully inform Huainan.
  ”Now the situation is not very good for you.Gu Mingxin said those words during the interview are small problems, the most important thing video.”
  ”I’ve been looking through the hospital surveillance video over who shot video of the onlookers passers-by, but unfortunately, those who have been bribed in advance Chu Shen, video destroyed.Even if they are willing to testify, but there is not enough evidence to prove or no way..”

Do not talk to enlarge guns reliable

Attitude to life: Do not cut corners, otherwise it will Baipao.Do not go the long way, or else you will be late.Do not go evil ways, otherwise they will go to jail.Do not go the underworld, otherwise the pay, no gain.Do not rush to be, we must quit impatient.Do not expect anything in return, to which the natural.Do not rush to give, then there is no calm angry.Do not afraid to laugh, laugh to see who is old.Do not install know, do not know to ask.Do not talk to enlarge guns reliable.Welcome to the official micro Quotations concern Tencent Weibo: HTTP: // t.QQ.COM / iweiyulu

From the ground to carry a gift, he handed it to her, “some time ago to go abroad, and this is a gift to your belt before you’ve always wanted.”

  ”Thank you, sister.”
  ”I can not get you.”She Yangnu angry at her.
  A short period of time, and He feels Mu child star then click on closer relations, it is probably thanks to HE who ran the unique qualities approachable, she feel a little strange.
  She spoke to mentioned double process, then it is the mention: “I heard that girls are way home amnesia.”
  Mu child star impression Cheng family still in the stage of being unreasonable, playful tongue: “That’s their home should we blame these things in my head.”
  He ran his face appeared somewhat embarrassed: “Although I did not see, but there are also heard, Cheng family attitude is really quite.That’s what.”
  ”You think too much, have a good rest.”He then touched her shoulder and ask her wide.
  Mu child star thus worse perception of the way home, just curious voice: “His wife, who called dual process in the end is what people ah?”
  ”I’m not familiar with her, she was a good girl and Ding that relationship, our family is Italian and Ding Jiasheng head, it is difficult to talked together.I met her at the party several times, the process actually looks pretty double.”
  Mu child star of the outcome to be excited: “I am better than that and

Family wings in the side, away from the unit so close, got dressed and ran also up to ten minutes.

  Chen diving along the way are driving fast, but unfortunately the rainy night on the road too slippery, he did not dare to open too fast, these days most of the night afraid encounter drunk looking devil, these people will not only create a traffic hazard deceptive it.
  When Chen came to the vice squad diving, power and Zhoucheng Xuan Tu Jia has launched an investigation, Chen came to the door, someone diving led him directly to the Office of the coating’s good work.
  Bureau personnel on duty along been monitoring the investigation, and soon found the situation wisely and Yu Gou stay at the hotel tonight.
  After targeting, and Tu Jia Gong immediately led several people began to move, and Zhoucheng Xuan Chen originally wanted to go diving it, but Tu Jia did not let them go to work, they say this thing is something Suzhou, Suzhou will give them people do.
  Chen diving this number still do not worry, but Zhoucheng Xuan no longer insist, stay glued to that hotel direct real-time monitoring screen.
  Zhoucheng Xuan Chen know diving worry, this critical moment, Chen diving will certainly be wise to worry about someone tipped off to the situation, ah, although Tu good work this person is credible, but who knows what they Interpol team will someone have that kind of idea ah.
  Chen diving doubt really true, is a pity that people in this situation a wise buy when

, But also to laugh, smile more kindly as possible.”

  Several people were very angry to seize the studio, readily obeyed.
  No matter from which direction the division Xuan can feel that a few eyes, looked up, they smile at you, really goose bumps.
  Itchy throat, also recorded a song does not go, cold face from the inside out, sneered: “Joe, Long time no see ah, what are you doing it?”
  Sheng Joe felt extremely gentle smile: “Can not you see?Yeah cheer for you.”Then also cheer than a month of action,” Come on yo.”
  Teacher Xuan: “Thank you for your good intentions, but many people I do not sing it, also ask you to take your man out.”
  Sheng Joe: “How you talk, you can sing many people do not go, then you as a singer, performing on stage in the future how it?Viewers who do not?”
  Teacher Xuan: “You!”
  Sheng Joe lips still smiled, her eyes cool down, nodded his chin: “Go, continued to record.You want to use between my recording, I give you a.Let me hear, stolen equipment, recorded sound is not out to better listen to some.”
  Xuan face white gas division.
  They confrontation for a long time, her teeth and said: “Do not recorded!let’s go!”
  Joe Sheng smile: “Farewell, do not send.”
  Division Xuan aggressive away, down the empty studio, Sheng Qiao Xiaorong gentle, warm voice turned around and asked the assistant: “We can now open

I know XIA far away in the United Kingdom.

  In addition to XIA away just did not know then and Cheng Cen wave winter to fight the causes and effects that thing.
  Winter does not process all the things the past few years, XIA away know go know, clearly go clear, but the distance across the oceans, even if there is a network can contact at any time, but now stood face to face, with the eyes looking really, forest summer away could not help but think, Cheng Dong and her memory of the image, seems to have had little subtle bias.
  Although when she returned five years later, Cheng Dong stood opposite her laugh the way, the total is still to make her think of when the shadow Cheng winter boy, speaking voice are still the winter Cheng brother as gentle, his mouth laughing Taohua Yan is intended as a teenager and still clear.
  But perhaps because the winter away this time been sitting in the room, surrounded by lawyers against the terms of the acquisition agreement to talk about, so wearing a suit and also the name of the seriousness of the cause tie.
  Let this image XIA away very well aware that the process is no longer the winter that her memory neighbor years, and he now has a young man.

  ☆, forehead kiss

  Chapter 63 forehead kiss
  Cheng Dong know roommate during Dr. XIA Wen Yan away, while Yan and Wen

The side of a villa with four floors and two basement bar game room gym readily available, the bedroom is the bed KINGSIZE.

Different styles of painting hung on the wall, but could see all the copy for.

Mu spend carefully looked for a moment, he recognized several pairs of masterpieces.

There Turner “from the Vatican overlooking Rome”, pale golden sun and blue sky at the same time rendering the bustling town promenade eye can see.

There Rufus Shen “garden path”, the processing catechesis and light brush strokes of light and shade reflects the typical characteristics of Impressionism.

He quietly looked at the painting, the more distant the night also just picked out two baseball caps.

“This is your picture of it?”He turned to look at him and laugh a lot of soft facial features are:” Samuel?”

“I smashed it to draw with my dad have to hang up,” the more the later also handed him a baseball cap, murmured: “the proportion a little collapse, this is an open sentence.”

“Painting looks good, squiggle signature is also very nice.”Flower Mu sighed and said:” You’re a what will be a little.”

Although the night also got used to the fancy Prince encouraged him, this time my heart is still some small proud smile Hey, he took went to the night market.

Business does not blow each other to talk about love.

Everything outside, it seems


If you knew grams company, Mr. John Martin.When I first acquired company computer garden, one of the partners is Martin’s.But his hand only 10% of the shares.

  Computer Corner was Millard company’s other major shareholder, has put another 90% of the shares are all sold me.So Martin was forced sale of shares in the hands of.At that time he was prepared to resign, but I managed to retain him!I told him.Even if he did not have a little bit of the shares, if he wants to stay, people can still become a gram company really call the shots!
  So Martin chose to stay, and now he had the right choice has been rewarded.He is now one of the most famous National Retail managers, popular pursuit of capital on Wall Street.Grams last year to pay his salary, bonus and equity worth more than $ 15 million, can be described as fame and fortune!
  And today I also want you to stay, because I think Blockbuster company can develop into the next one gram company in the Eastern bloc!You sell the entire equity interest of choice is very wise, because Blockbuster now is too small.
  Even if you keep a stake, after a lot of capital into the Eastern bloc, these shares will be diluted quickly to negligible proportions!But you should stay because the resulting company Blockbuster massive blood transfusion after the Eastern bloc, the next time it is a grand exhibition!
  You absolutely do not need to worry about their future work, I will not be a handicap.I can say something not very nice words, Eastern Group, as a total of up to several hundred billion dollars of assets over

“Hidden Leaf said:” I suppose I have to send you a free treatment.”

  Luonan Yun surprise, no wonder a lot of people can some of the hidden leaf legend incurable diseases in the body, and even strange intoxication can be cured, that he can not only take advantage of this grass poison woman harm, but also to take advantage of this poison to save lives.
  Luonan Yun lie hidden leaf and necessary.
  Because even if he intentionally whole Luonan Yun, Luonan Yun also complain about most is two, not because of this thing fell out.
  ”What my stomach?”Luonan Yun asked cautiously.
  ”Always a woman and some dubious mix, just how ‘dirty’ Need I say it?”Ye hidden asked:” Young people pay more attention to his private life, behave yourself, if not help fucks also necessary to ensure the health, otherwise you can not blame I did not warn you.”
  Luonan Yun This time is convinced, scared of stunned.
  Dr. Ye Yinzhe almost comparable to fortune-telling, even Luonan Yun did not like to say the things Daitao!
  ”thank.Dr. Xie Xieye!”Luonan Yun which also dare to speak out of turn.
  Ye hidden answer, waved to indicate he can leave.
  Luonan Yun This quickly drove away, he called to the leadership to ask for leave, and then opened his own car to the used car market, low-cost treatment to Che Fanzi.
  Car dealers enough money to buy him a loan to the new Jeep Wrangler up.