10 big signals indicate that you are not old premature


10 big signals indicate that you are not old premature

First, the efficiency of the work is low: the memory is obviously reduced, the things are forgotten, the indecisiveness, the arrogance, the one thing to do is always to grind and drag.

銆€銆€Second, the deterioration of competition consciousness: there is no innovative thinking about the cause, and often feel empty and boring, especially the mental workers, more and more feel powerless.

銆€銆€Third, the inferiority complex: When a person is alone, he often sighs and sighs, and has no contention with the world. He faces the spiritual world outside and often feels that he is out of date.

銆€銆€Fourth, the reaction is abnormal: mergers, sometimes sensitive to interpersonal relationships, always feel that the family and the people around them are ignorant of their own suspicions; instead, sometimes they want to be outside the crowd and turn a blind eye to what happens to them.The reaction is indifferent.

銆€銆€Fifth, stubborn opinion: Regardless of what you do, you want to be yourself and act according to your own intentions.

銆€銆€Sixth, evacuation, laziness, lack of energy: often feel uncomfortable, so quiet, sleepy.

銆€銆€Seventh, the character is solitary: I like to be alone and go my own way.

Especially unwilling to face strangers, often excuses to avoid contact with strangers.

銆€銆€Eighth, slow thinking: When faced with unexpected events, they often have no choice but to panic, and scratch their heads. I don’t know what to do.

銆€銆€Nine, emotional 鎭嶆儦: like to indulge in memories of past events, feelings are fragile, emotions are “children”, when it is cold and hot, they are very interested in things that have little value, like swearing, and no matter whether others love to listen or not.
銆€銆€Ten, the temperament is impatient: life is more and more easy to use emotions, and the wisdom and wisdom in words and deeds are less and less.

It is easier to misinterpret other people’s good intentions, not to listen to other people’s opinions, not to calm down, and to make a hit.

Three ways to reduce the humidity in the body in winter


Three ways to reduce the humidity in the body in winter


Dietary dehumidification glutinous rice, red beans and other common ingredients have a good dehumidification effect.

Among them, glutinous rice is beneficial to water swelling, spleen and dampness, spleen and remove phlegm, clearing heat and draining pus and other effects. Red beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stopping diarrhea, and diminishing water and swelling.

Rice red bean soup, Huaishan leisure set of urinary medicine Codonopsis soup, etc. have a good diuretic, dehumidification effect.


The most effective effect of sweating to moisture is exercise and perspiration. Exercise can regulate the functioning of body organs and promote metabolism. In particular, sweating can promote the effective replacement of moisture in vitro.

Modern people have more brains, less physical exertion, less sweating, and can often do some running, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi and other sweat-prone sports, which can help activate blood circulation, increase water metabolism, and help eliminate the body.A lot of moisture.


Seasonings, damp ginger, onions, and garlic are all commonly used seasonings in the home. They also have irreplaceable vitamin value. You can drink a bowl of hot ginger soup to sweat and force the body’s moisture out.

Chinese medicine practitioners use aromatic plant spices to remove moisture and sweat to fight infections. Most of these aromatic plants are common seasonings.

Modern medicine has also found that many spices do have anti-viral properties, such as the octagonal that is made into a flu vaccine.

Who is prone to bladder cancer?


How to treat bladder cancer?

Who is prone to bladder cancer?
How to treat bladder cancer?

Professor Joseph Motta, director of the Institute of Urology and Urinary Minimally Invasive Surgery at the University of Richmond Medical Center in the United States, pointed out that bladder cancer is second only to prostate cancer in male urinary tumors, and will continue to increase after suffering from bladder cancer.Cancer is possible, so it must be highly vigilant.

So who is easy to get bladder cancer?

What should I pay attention to?

How to treat bladder cancer?

Who is prone to bladder cancer?

Most of the bladder cancer occurs at 50?
The 70-year-old population, more men than women, is a female.

3 times or so.

The occurrence of bladder cancer may be related to the following factors: (1) long-term exposure to certain carcinogens: such as dyes, textiles, leather, rubber, plastics, paints, printing, etc.; (2) long-term smoking; (3) chronic infection of the bladder:Such as bacteria, schistosomiasis infection, etc.; (4) long-term foreign body stimulation of the bladder: such as bladder stones; (5) other reasons: some certain drugs (chemotherapy drugs such as cyclophosphamide).

What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?

(1) Patients with bladder cancer may have symptoms of urinary blood, and may not have the feeling of obvious pain; (2) When the tumor is necrotic, or there is inflammation, the patient may have frequent urination, urgency, pain in the urine, and urination.Difficulties; (3) Some patients may also have a lump in the lower abdomen, pain, hydronephrosis, anemia, edema, weight loss and weakness.

How to treat bladder cancer?

There are many treatments for bladder cancer, including transurethral resection of bladder tumor, bladder transplantation chemotherapy, bladder transplantation immunotherapy, radical cystectomy, partial cystectomy, urinary diversion, systemic chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.The choice is made in conjunction with the patient’s condition.

There is no best treatment, only the treatment that is more suitable for the patient.

It is good to have proper health.


It is good to have proper health.

When the modern people’s health consciousness awakens, the society has begun to set off a health boom.

Everyone is asking for the method of health maintenance, and the society is promoting the theory and practice of health care everywhere, but in the end, the truth that is passed on by people has its rationality, and we need our own eyes.Discerned.

Xiao Bian reminds the executors of the way to keep their health, to be healthy and to be moderate.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€涓栦笂娌℃湁涓€绉嶉鐗╁拰涓€绉嶈嵂鐗╅€傚悎鎵€鏈夌殑浜猴紝涔熸病鏈変竴绉嶅吇鐢熶繚鍋ュ姛娉曡兘閫傚悎鎵€鏈夌殑浜恒€傘€€銆€The study of life phenomena involves not only medicine, but also many cultural aspects such as society, humanities, scientific research, and morality.

Since ancient times, in addition to medical experts have the right to join in health, other experts such as Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yixue, Wuxue, Food Science, and Folklore have the right to substitute.

Therefore, it is natural to form a public statement, and the woman said that she is reasonable, one person has a number, and each has a tone.

銆€銆€There are many different opinions on health and law, and Chinese medicine has experienced a battle baptism to defend its dignity.

Later, in the professional or non-professional media, a large number of ancient and modern medical history, famous, famous, famous, famous poems and famous paintings were introduced to highlight the profound and profound Chinese medicine culture.

銆€銆€But unfortunately, some non-Chinese medicine experts talk about the theory of health and application content, especially nutrition, always change, today you say good, tomorrow he said bad, even harmful.

Such things make people feel at a loss.

銆€銆€Absolutely, based on the growing publicity and demand of the general public, a variety of health care centers, bases, villas, clubs, clubs, apartments, etc. have been established.

These health care and health care places invite health care professionals from all walks of life to use the various health care techniques in ancient and modern China and abroad to serve the health care providers.

銆€銆€In addition, many monks in the tourist resorts, the old road also for the passengers to diagnose the disease, teach health exercises and sell secret health tea, wine, pills, powder, cream, Dan and other health supplements.

Broadcasting and TV media have expanded their health care programs while improving their ratings. In the pursuit of circulation, the book industry has taken health care products as the main direction of the draft, and the topic is to find new, strange, special, and mysterious.The content of the reader.

銆€銆€There is demand for supply, all health care experts are springing up, and almost all have a good title, what national experts, chief experts, senior experts, well-known experts, lifelong experts and so on.

銆€銆€The characteristics of these health care experts are: self-proclaimed grassroots folklore experts more than academics of the school’s experts; more prosperous experts than older and old-fashioned experts; more open-minded experts than timid conservative experts; ignorant and fearlessExperts are more than experts with knowledge and fear; non-medical experts are more experts than medical experts; Western medicine experts are more than Chinese medicine experts.

銆€銆€Health books such as fried rice, looking at the current health care theory, basically reach the consensus: to recognize the nature of health, health care is more important than treatment, psychological balance, nutritional balance, appropriate exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol, lifestyle, laborYi combined, on time physical examination, early treatment and other diseases.

Therefore, the Chinese and Western health care experts in these years have even changed their faces, and they have just made a name for themselves. They are just repeating each other, tossing back and forth, like a fried rice, and like Xianglin’s seeing people, they say 鈥淎mao peeling beans鈥?

銆€銆€Nowadays, readers are watching these books, and listeners are listening to these words, and they are also bored and upset.

However, the speculators are not afraid of health care books and magazines have piled up like mountains, have sold 50% off, the out is still out, because there are many Chinese, one in ten thousand people pay, the boss has money to earn.

As long as there are health experts on the radio and TV stations, there will be high listening rates, high ratings, and advertising fees will go up, which will have economic benefits.

銆€銆€The right person is the right person to avoid the health care hotspots today, the most influential is the elderly friends.

how so?

First, the retired elderly have more time, the second is afraid of getting sick, afraid of death, and the third is that the elderly are easily fooled by the media.

Some old people are closed to the door every day for the pursuit of “clearness and nothingness”, and they are meditation to practice their internal strengths; some old people believe that “life is in motion”, they will climb the mountain all the time or beat the bones in the park; there are also old people who want to enjoy the oldFor “Le”, there will be more than one day and night chess or ramie; there are also a few old people who listen to the beliefs and raise the strange tricks, screaming, screaming, clapping their hands, slap their buttocks, beat the whole body with wooden boards;”Five birds play” that has changed the taste, even learning dog climbing, smashing and rolling; and a very small number of old people are superstitious and secret recipes, daily ginseng, velvet antler, ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis and various “whiplash” are not separated.To aphrodisiac, kidney, longevity; because of the consumption of their own urine, poisoning and detoxification, anti-cancer and anti-cancer; there are topical hemorrhoids cream to health and beauty.

銆€銆€In the face of the current public health law, who should we trust?

Want to adopt the initial exercises?

銆€銆€The author believes that there is no food and a drug suitable for all people in the world, and there is no one health care function that can suit all people.

There is a problem of time, place, and season, depending on the person’s physical condition and age.

The ancient medical doctor said: “The right person is appropriate, and the wrong person is bogey.”

Therefore, the principle of TCM health care has always been recognized as a trial for the cultivation of the syndrome.

銆€銆€Determining the behavior of health care is often difficult to understand. As far as the above-mentioned ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health care laws are concerned, it is impossible to use a person’s body for complete exercises. Even if it is a single item, it is difficult for people to be accurate.

銆€銆€Nowadays, including the author, there are already old people in the old age, and there are many good days. However, it is necessary to go through the daily practice and practice these health laws.

Health law is “know”, but it doesn’t have to be deep; “letter” does not have to be obsessed; “walk” must have degree.

Basically, according to its own conditions, it is natural and natural.

One sentence is: Health Dafa no matter what others say, but believe in yourself, you can do it or not, you can do more or less, let yourself live freely, be smart, live with dignity, don’t live sin!

Experts recommend that bagged tea can only be brewed up to 2 times.


Experts recommend that bagged tea can only be brewed up to 2 times.

The bagged tea can only be brewed for 2 times. The tea is brewed several times to be the most nutritious and healthy.

Many people are not sure.

Some people in life like to brew tea repeatedly until they can’t taste it.

Some people rush to change tea once or twice.

These two practices are correct and correct. Is it better to brew a cup of tea several times?

Tea experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that some people like to drink light tea. Some people like to drink strong tea. Although the number of tea brewing has a lot to do with different people’s tastes, from the perspective of nutrient absorption, the most bags of teaOnly brew 2 times, do not exceed 3 times in bulk tea.

Experts explained that tea contains tea polyphenols that have a tumor suppressing effect, can lower the blood sugar of tea pigments, make the central nervous system excited caffeine, and a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients.

How much nutrients can be deposited has a lot to do with the number of brews.

In general, the granularity of tea leaves, the slower the rate of precipitation of nutrients; the smaller the particles, the faster the rate of precipitation.

Compared with the proportion of bulk tea, the tea leaves of the bagged tea are cut and smashed during processing, and the leaf cells are fully destroyed. The shape of the particles is relatively small, and the nutrients in the tea are immersed for the first time in 3-5 minutes.- 90% precipitation, after the second brewing, about 10% of the remaining nutrients are almost completely precipitated.

Therefore, experts suggest that the bagged tea can only be brewed up to 2 times, which has no loss in nutrient absorption and does not affect the taste and taste.

Due to the large size of the bulk tea, the first brewing time is preferably a little longer. It should be about 5 minutes, and the nutrients will be 60%-80%. After the second brewing, there will be 80%-90% of the nutrients precipitated after the third brewing, the leaching rate of nutrients will exceed 95%, and then brewing, there is no nutrition.

According to other experts, the tea has been brewed many times, and the harmful substances such as pesticides and heavy metals are leached.

Experts say that although this argument has some truth, it does not have to worry too much.

At present, most of the pesticides used in the production of these teas have very low water solubility. According to the calculation of 10 grams of tea per person per day, even brewing 1 mg/residual tea can only use pesticides.

0001 mm is one thousandth of the amount allowed per day by the World Health Organization.

The leaching rate of heavy metal lead in tea is also relatively low. As long as the tea leaves from the manufacturer are purchased, the content will not exceed the national standard.

Drinking 12 grams of tea per day is most suitable for expert advice. For ordinary people, about 12 grams of tea per day, divided into 3?
4 brews are suitable.

People who eat greasy foods and have a large amount of alcohol and tobacco can increase the amount of tea.

Pregnant women and children, neurasthenia, tachycardia, tea consumption should be appropriately reduced.

Experts remind that through the popularity of Kung Fu tea, some people drink tea “more and more hot”, which is very wrong.

“People drink tea for health care, but drinking hot tea will increase the incidence of cancer such as esophageal cancer, which is not worth the candle.
The best temperature for drinking tea should be around 60 掳C, not more than 70 掳C.

“, you can drink different teas at different times during the day: drink a cup of light green tea in the morning, refresh your mind; drink jasmine tea in the morning, fragrant and pleasant, can improve work efficiency; drink black tea in the afternoon, refreshing and refreshing;Reunion with friends or family, soak a pot of oolong or Pu’er, don’t have a taste, and it will not affect sleep.


Don’t let slimming lose weight into anorexia


Don’t let slimming lose weight into anorexia

It is very difficult for young people now to jump out of the circle of 鈥渟lim and beautiful鈥?.

In order to “bone the beauty” desperately to lose weight, even at the expense of health.

銆€銆€Shortly after the start of the school, Long Jiefei made a message with joy and joy, “I am thin?”
Can you eat thin and thin?
“, introduce your own weight loss experience: “The first two weeks of school only eat lunch, the third week to practice vomiting, the third week of Saturday began not to eat, until now.

Summer vacation at home 160 pounds or more, the first two days to go to the next, 136.

Amount (I) must insist on. “” vomiting is very hard!

After drinking the soup, I will take a break after a while.

Fingers are not deep, it is recommended to use a toothbrush, anyway, in the bathroom.

It takes courage to induce vomiting. Many models use this method in order to keep fit.

After vomiting, you will not be hungry, still bloating, and you will not be afraid to be absorbed if you eat more.

“The attitude of the followers is different. There is a big sigh that meets the companion. It even says that “you should learn from the teacher”; whether it is feasible or not; there is a sharp and clear position, preferring to be healthy and fat, and not to be sick and thin.

銆€銆€In any case, dieting, anorexia and slimming seem to have inextricably linked relationships.

Of course, the pursuit of beauty is the nature of human beings. This is beyond reproach. However, many young people understand the meaning of beauty on a one-sided basis. They think that the thinner and more beautiful they become, the more they become skinny, which is not only a prejudice against beauty, but also an ignorance of medical knowledge and health.It is very harmful.

銆€銆€Maybe you still remember the famous French paper model Isabel?

Carlo, she is only 33 kilograms at 165 cm. After 15 years of suffering from anorexia symptoms, she did not escape the clutches of death.

She had filmed a group of sensational 鈥渁nti-anorexia posters鈥?during her lifetime. She said: 鈥淚 think this may be an opportunity to pass a message with my pain: ultra-thin means danger and eventually leads to death.

“According to a recent data, the reorganization, the anorexia caused by young women’s health net weight loss is increasing year by year.
鈥?Some people are overweight, but they are still dieting and losing weight. The energy they consume from the diet far exceeds the energy consumed by the body; others blindly use drugs to lose weight and excrete some undigested food.

In particular, modern young people and large and middle-school students need to have a large amount of information, and work or academic pressure is heavy. As the central nervous system of the human diet is suppressed, it gradually becomes anorexia nervosa.

銆€銆€In the early stages of anorexia, the patient’s weight decreased significantly, and after the standard weight was below (the simple algorithm for standard weight = height (cm) – 105) continued to decline.

But the weight loss does not affect the impact. Some people even think that energy consumption is better than ever, so they think that dieting is harmless to themselves.

At the same time, due to changes in the patient’s mental state, always slim, highlight the bone line for beauty, fear of gaining weight in the heart, still control their diet, eat a small amount of food every day, or even drink only water, resulting in weight loss, even than standard weight15% lower.

At this time, the patient will have neurological vomiting, hair loss, constipation, bradycardia, lack of gas, lazy words, pale, fever and other symptoms, women will have less menstrual thinness, and even menopause.

However, after examination by the hospital, there are no other organic abnormalities and mental disorders.

銆€銆€This kind of situation, sharp and family members must not be taken lightly, paralyzed, must be treated in time to avoid serious endocrine disorders, such as decreased levels of sex hormones, elevated levels of growth hormone, thyroxine metabolism changes, causing abnormal secretion.

Surprisingly, the patient insisted that he was ill without treatment and still insisted on dieting because of his own physical image.

With the increasing severity of the disease, patients will have a variety of psychological problems, such as insomnia, worry, irritability, mood swings, solitude, depression, etc., and even suicide due to poor self-image.

Along with a series of physiological changes, such as decreased body temperature, fear of cold, Raynaud’s phenomenon, decreased basal metabolism, slow breathing, low blood pressure, etc., eventually leading to malnutrition, body failure and death.

銆€銆€When some people increase the severity of anorexia, it has become impossible to strengthen nutrition and increase food intake to make up for past losses.

Because long-term lack of food intake will cause loss of appetite, and you can’t eat more if you want to eat more.

The only way is to go to the hospital for psychological, implant, nutrition, medicine, spiritual and other aspects of treatment, in order to completely solve the problem.

Therefore, it is not advisable to lose weight blindly. Do not lose weight because of small loss, resulting in lifelong regret.

Winter bathing starts from the feet


Winter bathing starts from the feet

In the cold winter, many friends still take the shower like a summer, open the faucet and let the shower fall down. In fact, this is unscientific.

銆€銆€This is because the low temperature in winter makes the blood vessels of human skin shrink, while the temperature of bath water in winter is relatively high. The warm water suddenly comes from the head, causing the human body regulation system to be 鈥渦nprepared鈥? causing head and body skin.The blood vessels suddenly expand, and a large amount of blood is concentrated on the surface of the skin, causing the vital expansion of vital organs such as the heart and brain, dizziness, chest tightness and the like, which are unavoidable and come to the door.

For those who have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, this practice is no different from “adding to the snow.”

Rapid contraction of the heart can cause cardiovascular contraction, heart cramps, severe cases even lead to acute myocardial infarction; rapid expansion of the brain is prone to hemiplegia, aphasia and other “stroke” symptoms; blood pressure in patients with hypertension suddenly drops, dizziness, palpitationWait for symptoms, even fainting.

銆€銆€Therefore, the best way to take a bath in winter is to wash the feet with hot water before bathing. After the feet are warm, slowly pour water on the body, so that the body has a process of gradually adapting.

In addition to the “sequence” of bathing, the water temperature should not be too high, 37 掳C -40 掳C is appropriate; time, the winter shower is best not more than 10 minutes, bathing no more than 15 minutes; drink a cup of warm water before bathing.

Every year before and after the Spring Festival is a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and middle-aged and elderly friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention.

銆€銆€During the Spring Festival, friends and family often drink some wine when they meet. It is important to note that you should not take a shower immediately after drinking.

Because in the bath, the glucose stored in the human body will be consumed a lot due to physical activity and blood circulation, and alcohol will inhibit the normal physiological function of the liver, so that the stored liver glycogen can not be converted into glucose, and it is added in time.The blood goes in, which causes a significant drop in blood sugar levels, and even severe shocks.

Therefore, the best time to take a bath is about 2 hours after drinking.

Health care mouth 诀 360, the articles are the essence, learned to be able to top half a doctor, the collection slowly look (5)


Health care mouth 璇€ 360, the articles are the essence, learned to be able to top half a doctor, the collection slowly look (5)

I shared the first four parts of 360 health care videos in the first two days, and continue to share parts 5 and 6 today!

21, expected four not four balance, four low four life expectancy.

Four types of food should be eaten less, and there are four treasures for health and fruit.

The price is not balanced.

Not greasy, not partial eclipse, not greedy, not greedy; acidic alkaline balance (slightly weak base), five flavors balanced, three to four balance, demand consumption balance.

Helium, starch and protein are the three major energy elements; vitamins, cellulose, macroelements and trace elements are various functional elements.

Four low four feet.

Low content, low content, low salt, low sugar; foot protein, foot water, foot vitamin, foot cellulose.

The method of low-level precipitation is recognized as the longevity.

Four types of food should be eaten less.

Deep-fried, marinated, frozen, and simmered.

For four types of food, it is better to eat less and not to eat.

Because they contain carcinogens such as nitrite, aflatoxin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and benzopyrene.

Advise the king not to listen to evil, not to listen to evil and bite.

Fruit and vegetable four treasures.

The holy fruit walnut is a treasure, nourishing the liver and nourishing the kidney and brain; correcting the seaweed water treasure, purifying the blood health care; black fungus wood Shengbao, replacing the blood thrombolysis.

Carrots are underground treasures, which are fat-lowering and prevent colds.

Five raises: keep eye, nourish the skin, raise skin, raise hair, raise mucous membranes, girls eat carrots, and naturally beautiful from the inside out.

Save money than make-up, better than beauty.

22, four meals before meals to benefit health, four to do after dinner.

Supplementary health care is not as good as it is, and usually eats well.

Four before meals.

Exercise before meals, wash your hands before meals, eat fruits before meals, and drink soup before meals.

Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy.

Four after dinner.

After the meal, you should have a stomach, and you should make anger after the meal. You should gargle after the meal and walk after the meal (after half an hour).

Drink soup after a meal, the more you drink, the more fat you drink.

The price is not as good as four.

Food is not as good as omnivorous food, food is not as good as eating less, fine food is not as good as coarse food, land food is not as good as sea food, refined food, disadvantages in refining, multi-slag food, expensive in slag.

Extremely good to eat.

Eat wild rickets fitness, eat mixed nutrient balance, eat raw cancer and anti-aging, eat rough and healthy longevity.

23, carefully eat four Bailey health, there are four implanted anti-cancer.

There are four things in the soybean plan, and it is not good to eat four.

Eat four white carefully.

That is to say, carefully eat white rice, white flour, sugar, white salt, it is estimated that it should be coarse and not fine, and the diet should be miscellaneous.

Refined food, defects in refining, containing additives, lack of four elements: multi-slag food, expensive in multiple slag, waste pollution, rich in four.

Eat less white rice, eat more corn, eat less white noodles, eat more bran, eat less sugar, eat more brown sugar (not too much), eat less white salt, eat more coarse salt (6 grams per day).

There are four precipitation prevention cancers.Do not drink thousands of rolls of water, drink cold boiled water; do not eat hundreds of fried oil, eat low-temperature oil (vegetable oil); do not eat marinated ice (long-term), eat more fresh food; do not eat smoke and mildew.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Soybean plan.

The Ministry of Health proposed the 鈥淪oybean Action Plan鈥?

Request for non-staple food every day.

Its content is: “a handful of vegetables, a bean, an egg and some meat.”

Chinese people have a bad habit of eating good things and eating them.

Eat four strange.

A strange fish does not eat meat, two strange vegetarians can live longer, three strange fruits as a meal, four strange melons can be filled.

Eat one-sided.

The correct way to eat is to have more than enough sputum, more fish and less eggs, more fruits and vegetables, and three (starch, protein, glutinous) must be enough.

The amount is small, seven or eight full, more soup and less dry, youth is not old.

Japan is the world’s longest-lived country.

They eat very “heavy” and eat 40 kinds of food per person per day.

24, the golden section of the four match, basically good nutrition.

Supplementary health care four elements, four or three health people are not old.

Golden section four match.

That is, fine grain four coarse grains six, staple food four non-staple food six, animals four plants six, land vegetables four sea vegetables six.

Description: 鈮?.


The overall ratio is about 4:6, which is called the golden section value.

The wonderful thing is that many things in the world follow the golden rule.

Absolutely contrast good nutrition.

Shrimp is better than fish, fish is better than poultry, poultry is better than livestock, and livestock is better than eggs.

(The egg yolk contains cholesterol).

Small fish and shrimp are best, and even the head and tail are all better.

The high-quality protein supplements calcium and softens blood vessels and blood plugs.

In the Arctic Circle, the Eskimo stapled fish and shrimp did not have a heart and cerebrovascular disease. The 60-year-old blood vessels were as smooth as 20 years old.

Some people eat fish and don’t eat their heads. Some people eat shrimp without skin. This type of eating is full of “civilization”, and it is a pity to lose calcium.

Four or three health people are not old.
A three-piece ginger, healthy for many years; a three-piece ginger, anti-cancer and health care; three times a day, no longer old; three spoonfuls of honey a day, lung health body.

25, millet health care has four benefits, corn health has four treasures.

The lipid-lowering food has four sputum, and the sedimentation health care is four.

Millet health four functions.

Dehumidification, spleen, calm, sleep.

Eat more millet people to increase their lives, eat more millet and strength.

The author used the millet to cure it and was insomnia.

The self-made mouth is as follows: Xiaomi health has the effect, the spleen and strong heart help sleep, the treatment is thinner than the drug, and the treatment of insomnia is better than medicine.

As long as you eat millet every day, you will see the effect after half a year.

Corn Four Treasures: Golden crops of old corn, containing four treasures to you: cereal alcohol, lecithin, linoleic acid and VE.It has four major health benefits: protecting the heart, brain healing, softening blood vessels, and lowering blood lipids. German scientists, in an experimental report, pointed out that in all food crops, the health benefits of corn are far above other foods.

The rich spend money to buy lecithin, and the poor eat corn as well.

Of the six health staples recommended by WHO, there is no white rice.

However, the way people eat is that every day, white rice, tons of rice, grains do not eat, miscellaneous grains do not eat.

How can you not get sick?

Really, “I would rather get cancer, not let my mouth suffer; I would rather have a cerebral thrombosis, but also relieve my mouth.”

Fat-lowering foods are four.

The Chinese (especially the northerners) are too salty and too oily. The blood lipids are too sticky and too thick. Forty or fifty years old, the heart stalk is tied, and it is often crippled in advance.

Reduce fat and reduce viscosity, the first choice.

The appropriate memory, the mouth is as follows: corn oats, soy beans, celery, three onions, rabbit meat, ginger seaweed, black fungus, green tea, mountain musk mushroom.

The health budget is four.

More beans and less salt, more vegetarian and less meat, more coarse and less fine, more vinegar and less oil.

The four health effects of soybeans: anti-cancer, calcium supplementation, lipid-lowering, high-quality protein is better than meat, meat has the advantage of meat, no meat abuse; adult 32 teeth, 4 canine teeth, the ratio of prime to 7:1The coarse grain taste is not as good as the fine grain, and the nutrition is worse than the fine grain; the vinegar can soften the blood vessels, sterilize and reduce inflammation.

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How to care for trigeminal neuralgia in winter?


7 nursing methods for trigeminal neuralgia

How to care for trigeminal neuralgia in winter?
7 nursing methods for trigeminal neuralgia

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia should try to avoid cold, but what better way to care for the cold season in winter?

Let’s take a look at it together.

7 major care methods for trigeminal neuralgia 1. Do not wash your face with cold water. Do not wash your face with cold water. Because cold stimulation can cause pain, it is best to wash your face with warm water.

2, to avoid cold wind blowing cold in the face of the winter, the wind is cold, patients with trigeminal neuralgia should avoid blowing the face directly, so as not to cause pain or catch a cold.

3, diet light trigeminal neuralgia patients eat more nutritious and light food in the fall, do not smoke or drink, because smoking and drinking may cause blood vessels to dilate, thereby compressing the nerve roots and causing pain.

4, to avoid fatigue, trigeminal neuralgia patients should avoid overwork in the fall, enhance physical fitness is the key to prevention.

5, prevention of arteriovenous sclerosis Middle-aged patients with trigeminal neuralgia should also actively prevent the emergence of arteriosclerosis, because hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure sometimes cause nerves to cause compression, leading to trigeminal neuralgia.

6, to avoid infection in winter, the virus and bacteria are more active, once infected, the recombinant nerve produces bad stimulation, which causes trigeminal neuralgia, so patients with trigeminal neuralgia should pay attention to hygiene, to prevent oral or nasal infections and facial infections.

7, exercise masticatory muscle trigeminal neuralgia patients should always exercise masticatory muscles, maintain good chewing habits, when there is a lack of occlusion, it should be corrected in time.

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Diet three and three bogey

Women’s swimming benefits, more weight loss, fitness, and help


Women’s swimming benefits, more weight loss, fitness, and help

Swimming is a very recommended sport. While swimming, the muscles of the whole body can move and the blood circulation will alternate smoothly, which is very helpful for maintaining the health of the body.

銆€銆€At the same time, it has an indelible effect on adults who consume too much body. Therefore, swimming is a multi-functional sport that combines health care and weight loss.

Studies have also shown that female swimming can help.

銆€銆€Swimming has a lot of help for women. Different swimming poses have different muscles and different effects on the body. Among them, frog and butterfly are most suitable for female friends.

銆€銆€Frog and butterfly must exercise to the thigh and pelvic muscles, often swim in these two postures, long-term exercise, in addition to effectively prevent uterine prolapse, rectal ptosis, bladder sagging disease, due to the firmness of abdominal muscles,It can improve women’s sexual function and feel better when making love.

銆€銆€In addition, there are often young girls who are worried that some men will ejaculate in the swimming pool, whether they will become pregnant or cause infection. In fact, after the sperm is shot in the pool, it is immediately replaced by a huge amount of water.

銆€銆€Coupled with the difference in water concentration, almost one enters the pool, the sperm has been blasted. Even if a very small amount of sperm survives, it is almost impossible to wear a layer of swimsuit to enter the female body. It is almost impossible for female friends to have this aspect.Concerns.