Shanxi Notes (f) – Last walls

Shanxi Notes (f) – the last of an ancient city walls , in fact, an ancient books, once the storm clouds quietly embedded between the lines, so that people standing near its sudden entrance of history, from the folds of time in read of the past and its vicissitudes. no matter what state of mind of tourists come to Pingyao ancient city wall once stood six hundred years after this Xingfeng snow and rain, staring, way back with, watch the time, approximately only one emotion: the sky above has not changed, at the foot of the land has not changed, but the change of the hustle and bustle of traveling, bustling crowd.Look down from the walls, plaster, like brick paved streets, the same gray walls and black tiles of the courtyard off, make you feel this is surrounded by a nearly 7-kilometer-long ancient city walls up, clearly is a town of ancient Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties miniatures.Battlements still on the wall, in particular, forts, gates, turrets, watchtowers, bunkers and other protection, it is still the appearance of the year. original walls not a rare thing.However, thinking of the ancient city wall of Pingyao after a century of war, natural weathering, even more destructive than the war of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution intense, but still surviving so far, what the people have a consternation ah. Pingyao ancient city wall have exact records of the building dating to Hongwu years.Then the walls no shape now complete, the main walls of rammed earth, experienced magistrate thirty times thicker solid training, wall to wall build, and build turrets, towers from its current size.Check the information, I see the following set of numbers: 10-meter high ancient city wall, top width of 3-6 meters, watch tower 71, 3000 multiple pile wall, with nearly 170 million tons of soil, brick 65,000,000.Behind these figures are countless flowing blood and tears and sweat builders.More than 6000 ten thousand embryos hit the wall, firing, carriage, then a piece Diego grading stack, which is also a modern view of how vast the project.Hardships and long ancient city in the region now called kilns still a street names remind me of manpower and resources are spent for the construction of the walls of the vast and fired bricks.Walk along the city walls, gray earth walls swayed afternoon sun, whole body reveals an ancient atmosphere.Tour guide pointed to a tower in the distance, we begin LUO verse: mountains and rivers Trinidad map, Que Nine city gates.Imperial Palace is not strong concept, know that the world respect.I wonder if the concept does not change after the two Pingyao city, know that the statue of the ancient walls may be more appropriate. Chinese, including urban and city walls of double semantics.Construction of the walls not only strengthened the city’s defenses, but also portray a specific area on the geographic location.A populated place, no matter how prosperous and prosperity, if not determine the scope of its walls, and it surrounds it, this place can only be regarded as a general sense of the city, not the city.Like Shanghai, this evolved from a small fishing village neighborhoods or large commercial port, we can only call it Shanghai, instead of Shanghai City.In fact, before the founding of New China, more than 1,400 county administrative exact establishment, there must be the county town, the walls of the city shall have.In China, almost no city walls is not.Dr. Joseph Needham had this passage in his “History of Chinese Civilization” in: When you arrive at a Chinese town, you notice the first scene is built around the original thick walls of residential areas.These walls look like the famous section of the Great Wall of China, the above observation tower, faintly visible protective shelter.That is, until the war, the Chinese towns walls, is still curing people’s eyes a horizon, a landscape without a break.It is this round after round, thick layers of walls, constitute the historical architecture of each city, which is flowing in these cities genetically related fresh blood. However, these fresh blood today has basically dried up.Beijing more than 70 km long ancient city walls have all gone does not exist, Chong Yuan once stood, towering enumerate a century unharmed ancient city wall of Nanjing was demolished, and Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Hangzhou….Now, a city in the county to see if it still stands some walls, can not do very much dismayed?Since the early days of liberation, almost all the walls of the city were destroyed as a whole is to overcome the remnants of feudalism.then.Beijing people involved in the demolition of the city demolish an old man recalls the ancient city wall scenes: at sea, fog, dim light, Beijingers flocked to the walls, with a shovel crowbar struggling to pick dismember this sadly silent queue.Each unit labor competition, we invited for the dry strength, strong people and equipment than anyone else, more than a meter long bricks demolition does not move with the staves pry with hammer…At night, desperate Allende Professor Liang Sicheng stroking the broken wall, shed hot tears. ancient city wall of Pingyao was more fortunate.Pingyao economic development slower, less urban construction, it is a modern urbanization is a beat slower than other cities.However, after the reform and opening up, Pingyao is also not far behind in 1981 in the ancient city in the its overall planning of urban construction included in the plan: two wide road will cross the city, the ancient city of the southwest corner of the building public parks.Fortunately, a professor at Tongji University in Taiyuan after being informed edgy rushed to Pingyao.He saw, plan is not approved, the ancient city of the east have been clawed a big hole in the road is widening, some houses have been demolished.Fortunately, Pingyao County finally listened to expert opinion, according to the ancient city of retention, another new plan to build a new town of the original plan have been adjusted.Today, come from all over the country flock of tourists how becoming a deep sigh as thrillers this sword stay in the city of marvel! We took a different mood to Pingyao, also, with the same frame of mind searching through the other city, but not the expression of the ancient city of Pingyao traveled a completely different feeling.Here, our attention is not just a particular deposit of the ancient city, not just the ticket number, Escort, Rishengchang Land of Wealth of legend, as well as on a national study still life and customs of the recall, and not some somewhat dare to think dare look back in history. real Pingyao is actually hidden in her external beauty, and some run-down old streets and courtyards, an ancient city wall can not substitute.Pingyao people are today open its arms to meet all directions visitors to visit to enjoy this World Heritage Site, If only the walls of this last one we can keep those genetically related wire once held and will continue to lead our national culture to the world wire strands of memory.

Compose a solid stand on the Earth – Ma Lihua prose revelation

Ma Lihua, female, Jinan, the Communist Party.In mid-1976, he graduated from the Chinese Department of Shandong Linyi Teachers College in 1990, graduated from Peking University Department of Chinese writers class.A writer, editor, editor in chief of the China Tibetology Publishing House.Author of long reportage “vast Qinghai-Tibet – Tibetan Plateau Research Expedition fifty years,” essays “chase you to the plateau”, “ultimate landscape”, “Tibet” tour, long essay “tour of northern Tibet,” “Ali westbound” , “the soul like the wind,” “Across Tibet,” and so on.Had mid-1992, twice in 2001 to get Tibet Qomolangma Literary Award, in 1994 by Chung Wen Prize for Literature in 1997 “Across Tibet,” won the National Outstanding Award for best-selling book, etc..Another namesake Lishui, Zhejiang Agriculture Office deputy director Ma Lihua, etc..    Prose: Writing prose standing firmly on the earth as a writing flashed his soul, it should be said, in essence, is a true writing, both real and spiritual, it is also true of secular description of.Ma Lihua’s prose, full of emotion and intensity, novel and unique perspective, concise language sleek, shining everywhere the true color of the soul, it is a solid stand on the earth Writing prose.  Ma Lihua is a piece of the East China Sea to the mysterious land of Tibet, by writing poetry into prose, poetry for her, Professor Xie Mian has long been talked about, “Ma Lihua’s poem was read.Of every story is autobiographical, “” she has someone else elusive generous place.That was her contact with each subject, and have relatively established upon the cultural contrasts and clashes “(” My sun-sequence & # 8226; put “life).Her prose is also adhering to this, the magic and beauty of Tibet brought her new inspiration, rivers and mountains of Tibet, Tibetan culture and customs, gave Ma Lihua, a new presence and grasp the fate of the way and writing way, this is true.We can say that Tibet’s unique style and physical properties of the human spirit, created a Ma Lihua prose distinct regional characteristics and true color.Among them, she with her personal experience, language consciousness, showing the difficulties and newborn Tibetan people’s livelihood, honest interpretation and persistence of the people, the folk chant sigh of love and concern singular.This paper reflects the broad depth of aesthetics and values, all reveal the true thoughts of the rich, the text in the field of care.    Ma Lihua’s essay is a close to the essence of true writing.Her natural scenery and human landscape of Tibet to describe objects, and melt themselves in which, immersed in them, breathing with the piece of land with strange and familiar, so her characters every tree, every strain of grass, even every grain of sand, all contain scalding her own life.It is this deep affection made her jump the river in the face of the vitality of the wilderness, when the Pentium, with a special soul, her blood clean and full of true colors.  Sometimes I think that if a work lacks the fear of noble, lack of divine piety, lack of humane feelings and beliefs of enthusiasm, especially the lack of a real, then it has a soul inside it?Ma Lihua prose this really smooth, no carving, almost washed the kind of sour gas and female prose writers of prose often common kind of squeamish, which has a strong explosive power and penetration, it should be noble outside shot of human feelings.So, she is bound to her real prose essays in virtually increases the intensity of performance, thickness and strength to make it like a symphony of a mighty force, natural, full of tension and elasticity of the flow of fresh vitality.She wrote: “a little in-depth look at northern Tibet, will be strongly felt here coexist two worlds: the physical world of reality and non-reality, surreal spirit world.After a world, still active in the rich world have as much of the population, ghost, demi-gods, half-human half-demons, benthos.Also battle also killed, also love also birth, noble, humble, cold, sad.In short all the earth may have all the emotions.The presence of such legends just as the meaning of existence Qilin Lake is consistent, is a full and a landscaping, a kind of sustenance.Imagine, if there is no Qilin Lake, this vast grassland and more monotonous; but not the shining light of the myth, many nomadic life will dim.At least, people will feel lonely.”I think this prose big momentum, generous, great awareness, great care is a necessary precondition, that is true.Guren Jiang “Where the text to meaning-based”, which means, in fact, is to make our heart has been touched something, so we thought something suddenly sublime, so our feelings more pure things, which are of true color.In Ma Lihua’s prose, every picture, every ray of light and shadow, all with a touch of flesh and blood, real soul.She takes you with her prose with visiting Lhasa, Ali walked together, together to enjoy the daily life of Northern Tibet, together with the pack to see the wave of another wave of salt team, and go on the lake pyramid mounds Quest hoist the flags of colored rags, went close on a hundred miles long big caoba Ministry of wilting Jiang Ma grass, pilgrims go to worship.In between the lines of her prose, although the full significance of intuition and insight to write, write individual experience, write a separate self, to write the piece reflects the life of life, but all with real features, her deep grasp and arrived by deep experience, mood, worry, pain leaching of fresh life.  ”I’m a heavy brotherhood of man, Tibet treated me well, I am writing in return, wanted to talk about it and therefore better for me, I had to return again, and the cycle, I can not leave it, it can not but continue to praise.As long as life permits, I will be doomed before it was to look up to see high.Practice their own promises.As for passion, it is the same God-given gift of life, as the accelerant of life, its abundance and scarcity determines your life is burning or a bottle of wet firewood will fume.”Ma Lihua wrote.    Mr. Lu Xun On the Road: “What is the real realism?True realism is his own soul light out for others to see.”That is a kind of prose should be true writing.In the usual course of reading, we find that writers attitudes and trends in the creation of authenticity: some writers, soft generous, full of affection for nature, for real people devoted a great deal of effort; and some writers, just focus on the immediate interests of the secular, or has been affecting these interests.And to establish a true creation, including prose, writing requires real mind, seeking truth content of consciousness, documentary vision intake, as well as a moral beliefs.Mr. Sun Li in “To Zhengyun Yun” in said: “I am old mind, that should also write essays real number.That is drawn to be real, but also real performance practices.It is to write the real thing, with real ink.”Said is such a reason.Ma Lihua writing and writing is a kind of see love to see nature, her writing everywhere flashed an authentic stuff, Tibet has a unique rich, deep and vast artistic heritage, as well as a magnificent and melancholy lyrical realism Features , always aroused tremendous yearning and thinking.  ”Farstriders, always taking a trip of a person, with the best life two decades back and forth in time between the high days of open land in the mountains..Ming mountain in Mongolia, herders winter nest in our yard Shaocha farewell.Iron furnace of cow dung fire shiny, shines as a picture of the earth as the years face.Butter tea aroma overflowing small space, this is the last warm in front of the long distance, the picturesque engraved in my heart like a..At that moment, I think what’s positive in life away from me, forever into the patch of tundra.”Ma Lihua wrote.

Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.

Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.  1, the targeted person, go more slowly, but also progress; wandering tangle of people, then the heart anxious, vain vain; do not let the low quality of diligence ruin you in the wrong direction, stop that progress.  2, do not start too late, it is better to act today, one day, that little by little the foreseeable future will be in your heart, but also your feet slowly, clear, life, never ill-treated every effort people up.good Morning!  3, the face of misunderstanding, unnecessary to argue, in the face trouble, avoid unnecessary, the face of failure, unnecessary bow, the face of success, needless carried away, life on the road more of a thinking, so carefully, so stick.  4, carries the dreams of the future, in every ordinary and not dull days, will smile more brilliant, I do not give up, nothing to make their own retreat; just strong enough, nothing can defeat their own!  5, do you think that all make life difficult in the past, will be the last, you do not have to try to be brave, time will heal you.I would like someone to accompany you back and forth, and if not, may you become yourself from the sun.Good morning, time!  6, there is life there is hope.Life is not a fairy tale, to learn to grow up and not even arrived in the dream, we must strive to grow, the road to success, can only finish on their own.Encourage each other, good morning!  7, many various obstacles in life always been to own.Anyone got to help you for a while, I can not help you.Do not rely, not to pray, to rely only make yourself weak, pray for just a comfort.  8, happiness does not depend on foreign substances and vanity, but by their inner self, a person only feel beautiful image to see the beauty of the window, open the window of heart power, that is your smile will never fade.  9, if your life has been two years, and in the third decade, please put down your lofty, put away your self-esteem, shed your ignorance, put on your reality, your out bloom, go out of your life!  10, strong self-control people are not poor, can persist up early, to exercise, to keep reading, do not consume their own and others time to argue, do not waste too much energy to please unrelated person.

I was in Malawi – a teacher of foreign language text (bis)

[REVIEW] Chinese people do you have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.    Fifth, the two devils dog days from the submission of the original passport to get a visa for a whole has spent the last month.During that time every day to stay at home or go to school to help, and my heart has been thinking about his own Beijing that little red books and 1000 yuan in the offer of the ocean.In the embassy’s visa was written on the notes, passports take one to two weeks, but the real start only to find the so-called one to two weeks is just wishful thinking.    Malawi is a poor country, although the embassy is also Dongzhimen Wai Street, but with Canada, the Australian embassy in the hundreds of thousands of square meters of complete scale seemed to be somewhat suppressed compared.It is located off the east diplomatic buildings, the use of a building together with several other African countries and some international companies.The so-called common use of a building is actually nice to say, it actually occupies only area in which the floor of a room.Plug door with a nameplate that read “Malawi Embassy of People’s Republic of China” in Chinese and English.”Hall” stood a little bit orange with brown leather sofas, a secretary desk is opposite the sofa, with offices around the common white plastic, which is sitting in a Chinese woman.Some lordosis woman forehead, long hair tied, eyes slightly concave, height probably about 160, voice is always full of impatient.Before coming to Malawi Embassy, several women called to ask give this information and the specific location of the embassy need to carry, for a never out of a nation of people it is very necessary.However, each result is that, even though I was a long distance phone call, she was always before I started to feel bad for my phone bill I would hang up the phone.    Embassy came and saw this woman, I personally and Guo Guang said that she had a look of Quebrada phase, a look that is vicious, not a good person.Sure, we come to apply for a visa, he said we do not like not even let us go to the Hanban issued proof of English.I think we can find a place to issue proof of English, if those migrant workers, where they went to prove issued in English.This is just being difficult.I would like to ask her to help translate, but then I thought, if she is willing to help translate would not embarrass us.Before coming to the embassy, I’ve heard that argument to give tips secretary, for her we have no such behavior.Later, after we prove that the English letter somehow, she looked at our invitation, and that requires an invitation issued proof of identity.At that time we hit the roof, you had failed to make it clear to me now said to be proof of identity, how do I go and get, tone of voice high up significantly.This is a black out in the embassy, and saw our emotions wrong, so after consultation with the Secretary, we looked at the invitation told her this is no problem.Let us put the material here and pay a thousand dollars can go.I saw a little impatient secretary of the material we accept her left leg into a side drawer.Wait until the embassy staff to 1,000 yuan receipt to us, let us leave the secretary.    A week later, no news.I would like to say on the file one to two weeks, and so it.Two weeks later, no news, I am a little uneasy, I think probably something they delayed it.Three weeks later, no news, I finally called and asked to, she said, the embassy to call you yet, do not hit you wait.Pam, the phone while busy.The fourth week, once again called to ask, and so she said, hanging up again.Such is not always the way to go and so on, so I give Chinese Embassy in Malawi sent an e-mail, tell this side of the case.A few days later, the embassy people to call me, so I went to get a visa.    Later, he came to Malawi from Yang learned, these African countries invited Peru (Chinese secretary) are very hateful, will all be consumed, if the visa fee is 1000, then you have to give him only two thousand OK, otherwise she’ll embarrass you in countless ways.In fact, time-consuming visa requirements of the Government of Malawi $ 100 asking price has been higher than the 1000.Damn two devils.Yang said at the time after you sent me an email, I called the embassy area there a question, Ambassador simply do not see your passport, said he rushed to deal with us, I know it must have been these two devils buckle did not give them lived.These two devils know that you are appointed by the state, I am not looking for you to tip, but he can deduct your passport.    Chinese people does it have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.[Editor: Can children]


He lived into the old house glancing familiar objects people still have old Chen was also the father or mother of the frame so young and just mother’s smile disappeared elderly father jealously guarding this old house can emit small color TV to find shade I see the shadow of the baby when my son already higher than the top of my head I can only recall active figure in the table littered with the son to see his father’s newspaper I have to spend a computer for news of my father to go out alone in each room sporadic grass after wandering to his father to see the books are still overflow garden flowers fragrant green houses also show their homes in the past I have neglected my wife and children have their own building my study shine bright sun

“Latent” in the days of the NPC graduate’s apartment.

Never went too high and other institutions, I am envious around someone’s child admitted to the university, his life dream is that one day I could enter university, students experience the campus life, really did not expect this dream realized , although only a short period of three days, made me never forget.    Recently, by training and learning units assigned to Beijing, the address is in Beijing Jiaotong University, only two days of training is over, because to go with colleagues has never been to the capital, so we decided to stay in Beijing for three days, but then residence brought us some screenwriters, in order to save money, I choose to live in the NPC attending graduate cousin dorm room.    Especially girls apartment and strict management of the National People’s Congress, the apartment manager every day as punctual as goalkeeper standing in the doorway, visited the students in and out, but, visitors must register go down, never allow outsiders to stay, and even the parents visit, in the evening also go to hotel accommodation, although barely stay in the dormitory cousin, his heart was not so practical, and good students where there are people like me so much older, so, felt like “agents” as when out of the apartment to pretend nothing had happened, a good administrator that escaped the sharp eyes.    In addition to dinner at noon, I’ll stay in the dormitory cousin, her roommate was a university teacher, but when Bo A year to the school, so usually only a cousin who lived in the spacious dorm room, so I also I did not think of myself as an outsider, learning fast-paced cousin went out at noon every day to participate in academic activities, and I swim in the network, tired, lying in bed for a while, or standing on the balcony to watch the basketball court a lively boys fighting.In the afternoon, the cousin took me to Tsinghua or Peking University campus visit, come back at night, diminished interest cousin also took me to their campus life experience.When I first exposure to that set of books, reading, exhibitions, research, office as one of intelligence, information, digital library, and I feel very excited, I was hit by an imposing architectural style that impressed, cousin I quickly pressed the shutter will read books that brief and beautiful moment freeze, the students surprised eyes, we reluctantly left the library came to the English corner playground, where a foreign language is to strengthen the students before going abroad park, many student and teacher here in their way mutual exchange of learning.Not far from melodious music, tracks the sound away, it turned out to be several female students are taught to practice under the lights at zither.In the dormitory of the street passing the playground, the left is the endless stream of exercise figure on the playground, on the right of the small square is a group of people dancing with music.I feel as if living in a small community which can be lights in the teaching of reading voice coming from inside the building and took me back to reality.what!Nice college life!    Three days as if flies, have not had time to savor college life, we must embark on his way home, could not help some regret, though cursory visit, however, Peking University Weiming Lake, Bo Yata; Tsinghua, near Spring Garden and the National People’s Congress that the magnificent new library at Tsinghua University; as well as college students a variety of campus cultural performances, gave me left a deep impression, still come to my eyes.Once upon a time, dreaming he can take a dip in the university campus, a time when dreams of his head Bachelor cap, wearing a Bachelor of service of mighty way.Today, I really had a chance to University of addiction, I feel really good, but, the passage of time, this life will never have such an opportunity, and the hearts and felt sad, I hope, can often brief recollection of that university life in a dream.

The taste of home

I do not know why, I love to write articles associated with the taste of home, wrote “Dazeshan grapes,” “Hometown of celery” “Way back when neighbors Claret”, “off the apple”, “the ginger”.These do not all taste of home?Read, read, do not want to “meet nothing in big witch”, and this is not, comes just October, the monsoon harvest floated slowly today, “the first Chinese Health Food Festival” at the opening of the home, suddenly opened feast on the tongue.I drove the car and his wife arrive in high spirits and health food culture festival scene, feel the taste of another round of home. The taste of home if you want to use one word to describe it, it is “food in the roughness”, this word has become a media and hometown idiom, and it gives the connotation of the brand: “Food in the roughness” is Pingdu deep rooted diet, dietary culture, play a roughness modern agriculture advantages, to create a “food + ingredients + dietary food, food + tourism,” featuring integration of the development of related industries of tourism destination brand, purpose in the area for visitors to create a full, full time and space, the heart and soul travel experience. The taste of home exactly how the media friends for me to say: “The real life experiences need time and space health food, water needs to be nourished, cultural heritage needs, we need to infiltrate people’s hearts.When the name of a national event focused on this piece of land, we know that the food here has passed the test of history, it has the connotation of culture, and certainly at this time of the event is rising.”China’s first health food culture festival kicked off in the home, Highstreet, Gloria Food Street, the dining and outstanding brand with the four food and other tribes Street and opened at the same time, the various tribes cuisine scene is decorated, flowers, wonderful scene, always put on its holiday best, truly beautiful.I see people such as tide, crowds; I was thinking, my friends from all over the world, in this unique event, it will feel what is delicious, what is feast and what is healthy.I set their sights colorful brand, we are greeted by out-of flatness specialty, dazzling, dizzying, deeply moved by the taste buds, touched thoughts.Let me again in this great all-round experience 19 different scene “the signs” hometown flavor, really had a handful of addiction. At the head is the “Dazeshan grapes,” Dazeshan grapes planted with 2100 years of history, from Li Shimin to the given name “Lions Eye” began, China has become the Royal tribute; Then there is the “roughness beef”, it represents Warring States period, Qi popular since the brave and resourceful people “adapters” spirit become stories; “Majiagou celery” does not show weakness, Majiagou celery seed had in 2008 aboard “Shenzhou VII” into space in 2011 by Ministry of agriculture registration of geographical indications; enjoy the reputation of the port as well as cherry rhubarb, tomatoes, watermelon, scored both domestic and foreign markets.There are sub shop autumn peach, peach ginger, Pingdu peanut, ginger Jiabu green onions, spinach Hong Lan, old shop apple, cherry Yunshan.The taste of home fragrance have national, world-renowned.Watch the taste of these hometown flavor, deep inside of Health issued with deep feeling: “hometown taste really, really thick, in the past I did not feel so much.”In the health food scene festival, I also felt the hometown ‘perfect’ taste, that is ‘top ten Cuisines’ and ‘top ten dishes’.Let me talk about the “Ten Cuisines” it, there are: shop fire, Jian Bao Village, Daejeon tofu, and with clever face, wax pole chicken, Sirloin old shop, new and green onion sauce, steamed flower, garden Chinese garlic dumplings, Shredded Beef.I ate most of these in the past, but not so complete today, really opened my Pleasant. “Ten dishes” will be different, I eat less, did not eat much, it felt more fresh.Are: Pingdu hot mix cold, open the New River Ling shuttle, Dasan pigs, soaring steak, pepper chicken, swine balls, grilled pig face, black tea smoked hooves, Silk Ribs, health pumpkin.These not only make your eating appetite, and round after round of dishes allusions. Said it has a rich authentic taste hometown dishes, “roughness hot mix cool” it: According to legend, the ancient city has a dutiful son Mao Zhu good at cooking techniques, care of his mother out of business.Seeing old mother growing old and feeble, with good reason, worried all day long for the old mother’s body.Between the summer, think of old mother’s favorite fresh vegetables, we chose the most fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, add egg cake, jelly roll, sesame paste and mix well with cold dishes fear, hurt the stomach, you fry some delicate meat silk and cool in the dish, the end to the old mother.Old mother a look at this colorful dish will have a loss of appetite, his son asked: “What is this dish?”Dutiful son exclaimed:” Hot Mix cold.”Old mother heard of this dish, specially designed for his son to know to do their own, tasted, felt especially good, then told his son, said:” do more this dish, so that more elderly delicious.”Filial compliance mother lives, well-produced, marketed, has become Pingdu an ever-popular dishes.Home proverb is almost a household name, is: “hot mix cold, without taste.”It is the best interpretation of this dish. “Soaring steak” more legendary history: Warring States Period, Yanzhao Wang Fa Qi, Qi troops capture more than seventy cities, only Jimo, Jucheng not take.279 BC, at the time of the attack Jimo City, Jimo City defenders know Tiandan was a resourceful warrior, he was acclaimed as a great general defenders.Tiandan the city collected more than a thousand head of cattle, to put on their colorful dragon suit, tie sharp knife on horns, filled with good beam oxtail fat dry reeds, then along the walls of the root chipping through dozens a big cave.Tian radio a dark night, the order, will be lit with oxtail, from chipping through the cattle cave release, “five thousand warrior with Thereafter, oxtail heat, anger and Ben Yan Jun.”YAN Jun woke up, saw a large group of colorful monsters, scared the run.He was killed “AC adapters,” the Tisi, and was hacked together a number of soldiers.Tiandan and win the capture of all the cities.After won the battle, people killed a cow, beef grilled, put some seasoning, sent to celebrate, Tiandan liked this approach, it is known as: “the sky steak”, this dish at home is widely spread.Eyes watching the road this hometown dishes, I was reminded of the story of 2,000 years ago in the “Tian Dan fire bulls” hometown occur, dish let my thoughts across 2,000 years of time and space, although “fire Tiandan cow array “story has gone, but the continuation of its hometown dishes of history. “Planted plane trees, attracted Golden Phoenix.”Taste of home a well-known, it is helping to create a” Chinese Health Food Festival ‘brand, with this’ card’, would attract a wide variety of delicious cuisines around the world, engaged in a health food culture festival scene, I see to the past never seen before, never heard of domestic and international cuisines, really saw the big world.Here, I have to watch to the “Thai squid burn”, “Australia’s deep sea octopus foot”, “Indian snack”, “Korean rice cake”, “Malaysian Nyonya”, “Italian fresh juice”, “Brazilian barbecue”, “European potato Article King “,” starch-free Polonia Sausage ‘.I also watch to the ‘Bong tea on Taiwan’, ‘Taiwan fish tofu’, ‘Hong Kong twelve flavors’.There are “old soup taste of old Beijing ” Tianjin ignore the dog buns ‘,’ Changsha big sausage ‘,’ Caiyunzhinan osmanthus cake ‘,’ Chongqing hot and sour powder ‘,’ Mei Love ‘,’ Guangdong crystal shrimp dumplings ” crab shrimp along the way. ‘ “Wuhan dry noodles,” “Changshu Beggar chicken”, “Hainan Pingtung coconut milk” .These have already overwhelmed me. I stopped in the “Brazilian barbecue shop,” I saw the guy in Brazil skillfully grilled chicken, I put the camera on him, and “hey” a cry, the Brazilian guy turned around, and report to an understanding smile, I lost no time “click, click” frequently to press the shutter, and then they attract a lot of buying, “Brazilian barbecue”, his business explode, I also bought a few strings of high spirits, “Brazilian barbecue”, savor, barbecue fresh, delicious, mouth aroma; before the “Korea House”, I see a Korean or Chinese guy was waving a large wooden hammer hit the “Korean rice cake”, I took a vivid he beat cake at home from different angles screen, which is normally invisible to the exotic style; in front of “Changshu Beggar chicken” Museum, “Beggar chicken” these three words caught my interest, I bought spend 40 yuan to buy a only, go home taste good taste, picked up a paper bag look, ah?The original is a must Jiangnan, called “Hong Qigong Beggar Chicken”, look at one side, and “Hong Qigong Beggar Chicken allusions,” his wife take over to look, read out: “Southern Song Dynasty, Jiangnan celebrities – Gai Qigong walking dead, cold and hunger on the occasion, even have a chicken farm, with the lotus leaf, yellow mud wrap and burn it, bursts of fragrance nostrils, Wong went to eat the leaves, odd very fragrant, flavorful and tender skin, long aftertaste, endless aftertaste, Zhennai delicious world cuisine.Eight hundred years has been enduring.’Chewing’ Qigong Beggar Chicken ‘, my mind is endless aftertaste. Visit the “China Health Food Festival” Return, I think, take these brands Cuisines “Chinese Health Food Festival” attracted once “settled” roughness, that does not make the taste of home has flourished, more yuan technology, and will become the home of the taste, the taste of home is changing, in development.To be next year, not to be in the future, the taste of home will be more plentiful and better! Everyone will feel the taste of home, it is the distinctive flavor.And my taste of home, only to melt into the history, but also into the taste of the world, the taste of home flavor thicker, deeper love. Qiaoxian De

Cry witch doctors Lu

Yiwulushan is the first of the five towns, winding majestic momentum, Qing Qi beautiful scenery let the world cherished.This eternal eternal mountains, year after year, quietly overlooking the wider world, she saw a lot of human laughter, but also witnessed too much human Youyuan.One young girls, she had wanted their youth, will always remain in peak Wanghaisi Kok..    The girl called the child Huang Yuanyuan, an occasional trips to get to know her Yiwulushan.    Yiwulushan climb the highest peak Wanghaisi is my wish for many years, always busy and can not take place because.This spring, I am determined to put down all the chores to realize this aspiration.    I live in the city of Yixian, Yiwulushan want to travel is still very convenient, a lot of information, said Yiwulushan in the territory of the northern town, in fact Yiwulushan Lama hole north of Fuxin County, just south of Stone Town Linghai, stretches about 90 kilometers, is Yixian watershed and the northern town of 60 percent of the area of the territory in Yixian.    From the county to justice Wanghaisi There are two routes, one is crossing the ridge horse Yiwulushan small detour north of the town, from Dongpo Deng peak, the other is directly to the territory of the Yixian Formation of cold from the west slope of the main peak.Dongpo flat from peak close, the western slope of the summit as well as advantageous 20 li away from the foot.I chose the western slope, because very few people go from plane.Not so many visitors, relatively quiet.    June 2 early in the morning.I did a simple mountaineering ready to get on the bus to go cold ditch.Passengers much, a few along the way did not get on the train.Out of the window a light green earth with one vibrant scene.    Reaching the bridge near the small river, up a female passenger, long hair, is tall, sitting in front of me without saying a word vacancy.    I specifically looked at the girl, 24.5 years old, very beautiful, but his face pale and preoccupied, some spiritual malaise.The road for more than two hours, she had never how to speak.To the terminal she was gone.    In the depths of the Cold Ravine Yiwulushan terminal, a seat in front of the towering mountain clouds.The main peak in the southeast, along the way at just over five rooms, five rooms on three small villages and empress temple ditch, two-thirds of the distance is inaccessible original deep forest.I take a break, at kiosks to buy two bottles of mineral water on the road.    Just out of the village, a man called me from behind.It is the same car who taciturn girl.She also had to board the Lu Shan main peak, and I would like to take the road counterparts.    The girl still face gloom in the car, now like a new man, his face excited, she said her name was Huang Yuanyuan, graduated from college almost a year, tired of the city noise and impetuous, I want to change the environment to relax , why they choose this route to climb the mountains very quiet, not many pedestrians, the crisp sound of birds cried heard, Mighty quiet and distant.Way to start is also very flat, which is a construction of the asphalt along the river, all the way to the village five rooms.It is said that there are villages of Yixian places such black pavement repair.Mountain roads unknown flowers bloom with water droplets on the grass and trees are falling non-downs, through the crystal drops, spring water gurgling sound accompanied by waves of fragrance hit, making this country road filled with flowers, so that people passing without fatigue.Nature, fresh, quiet beauty of sight for sore eyes.    Yuanyuan plants and trees here, feel fresh, sometimes off the road to watch the bees gather honey clove, sometimes to the crystal clear creek while watching the fish in the water, but we still walk and talk more.She had also grown up in rural Yixian people.In order to let her finish college, fifty-year-old father in construction site work, at home, the mother tends the crops, think of ways to earn money for her daughter to school.Now graduated.I never did find a steady job.Not people fired her, that she fired people.    She speaks these experiences expression is very quiet, but I always felt this quiet hidden behind a huge psychological waves.Such beautiful young girl, a man went to the deep forests, in itself very strange things.    This country only asphalt road through the village to the Ministry of five rooms, the rest of the journey is the substantial climb.Creek in the mountains continues to extend in the direction of the south, but in the main peak easterly direction.Edge of the village have built an artificial pond, calm as a mirror, the sights are reflected in the water, it is quiet and serene.Yuanyuan face their own reflection in the water deep in thought, to see the kind of melancholy look in the car and appeared on her face.My heavy heart up, suddenly had a premonition of what was going to happen.    Foot of the road higher up the steep and very dangerous.I started to breath sound called on the feet swell, lifting hard, Yuanyuan forehead sprout thin sweat.Line to the Goddess temple ditch had to take a break.There is only 3,5 families, Khitan said to the Queen Empress Xiao had to hunt around to this line, later to repair the temple as a memorial.Today niangniangmiao no longer exists, but the name has spread.Others think of Empress Xiao in such inaccessible places, and the girl in front of me no one gave her a suitable job, it seems that the world is not fair since ancient times.    More and more steep mountains, some places only by hands and feet.At this time four weeks full of exotic pines form, mostly in more than a hundred years old.Qiu shaped roots exposed on the rocks, plunging headlong into the soil who can, can not help but lament its tenacious of life.It is the soul of mountain pines.Thousands of years, and so they quietly waiting barren land.Lu Shan is an increase of scenery.    Mountains farther steep, steep in some places are afraid of looking back, Wan battle at the foot of the abyss, too easy to slip and fall into the valley to pieces.Yuanyuan but it seems to gall.Take my hand and hold tight.At this point I do not know what she was thinking, but I know the desire for life is a human instinct, Yuanyuan she should have better look.    From the peak draws near, there are small groups of tourists in the Walk this way.Then came the wonderful sound, like the sound of nature from heaven, sadly echoed through the valley.This is a scenic tour guide describes the natural conditions in Lu Shan, a variety of cultural landscape.Sound like a beautiful prose poem came to swing in a quaint atmosphere.We are facing more and more concentrated in the mountain fog, step by step, went to heaven.    Bypassing a dangerous and a stone through one and a Yanxi, and finally to the summit.I have asthma and Yuanyuan not a sound, sweat.From a stone hard to get around, gingerly into the artificial peak fire station, then climbed the steel ladder sections, went to the fire station roof peak, the highest peak Yiwulushan “Wanghaisi” At our feet up.It is said that there was a temple here, standing here looking south, you can see the Bohai Sea, so the temple is called “Wanghaisi”.Today temple gone, built on the site of a beacon.    Standing against the Wind table top stand a favor open polyester, spiritual beauty of God over the shape of my heart, all the panoramic view of the monastery is surrounded around.Tao is facing west toward the boundless sea of trees, looking south is the vast Northeast Plain, the vast sea of smoke, little villages, magical good luck nature people feeling the value of life, the good life.    Yuanyuan and turn in peak fire on stage, in front of beautiful things in the world seems to want to have loaded the eyes.I took out a prepared fruit, greeted her sit down while tasting while enjoying the charming scenery, but also feel a lot of pleasant tales.    I asked her: “You are a college student, you should understand what is ‘as good from the board’ it?”As if she thought nod.    ”I understand the state of mind is good, strive for the better.In fact, life as mountaineering, there is no flat road to go, if they work hard to do it, you will see that we want to see the scenery.”I say.    Yuanyuan smiled and did not answer me.    ”Yuanyuan, do you have something on your mind?”She noncommittal, or laugh.    ”If you believe I am a good person, put the truth speak out.Whether you like it or not, I have to accompany you home safely today.”She ducked my eyes, silent for a while, suddenly sobbed softly.    For a while she breaks through his tears, he said: “Wang.I really want to tell you the truth today, jumping once and for all, why misfortune makes me stand sits, no one understands, no one to sympathize.However, Lu mountain peak beautiful scenery so I gave up the idea, you are faced with such a good man, to say out of my mind grievances.”So, Yuanyuan’s father had an accident at the construction site, fell down from the third floor racks hands passed away.Mother can not afford for her to read, to remarry after 50-year-old father, a stepfather to pay for her to finish college.After she graduated from a university science and engineering last year, he has been unemployed in rural home.Until April this year, in the rush of relatives and friends, she entered a public institution, although wages are only 1600 yuan, but Yuanyuan was very happy, she feels she can use their own money in return a mother’s upbringing.I did not expect did only two months to be dismissed on the grounds that the Shanghai Personnel Bureau, eds., No financial compiled will be allowed to hire.Later, she went to a couple of open private kindergartens with children, because men have a crush on her principal female principal cause of suspicion caused by husband and wife.She could not stay, resigned himself.Until now never find a job.She was very painful, depression, increased day by day, the initiation of the idea of suicide.    ”I do not want to let others know most of these things are not happy tell you.No matter what happens in the future, will no longer commit suicide the.”Yuanyuan laugh, smile is very short but very bright.I know her heart “ice” began to melt, thus, I think this passage, “can disturb the natural wonders of the human soul, reminiscent of the mysteries of the human, think of life, think of your own body care philistine society in which all to make their ideological level, state of mind in the heart in hand, sublimation, updated to arouse the enthusiasm to pursue bigger targets, but also so as to forget the fleeting time resulting in failure, frustration, depressed, decadent, from the bottom of my heart heavy call vitality of life.”We stay in a peak about when to start down the mountain, as proposed Yuanyuan return bus in the northern town of Yixian, sitting in the car and then look back into the Lu Shan peaks are shrouded in misty rain.Watching the quiet, dignified playmate, my heart quietly said: Lu Shan, thank you!    (Text of ownership is not his real name)

Inspirational story: Climber’s choice

Inspirational story: Climbers have the choice of a mountain, towering, birds more difficult, no one knows how high it.Piedmont there are two routes for climbing the mountain, before Shanda stone steps paved, straight magnanimous; the mountain path, thorny, twists and turns.  One day, three father and son came to the foot.Father hands shade, overlooking the summit, Shengruhongzhong: you both race to climb this mountain; there are two routes up the mountain, flat and close to the road, the path dangerous and far which way, consider and decide on your own.Two brothers wondered over and over again, each with their own choice, embark on the journey.  Two months have passed, a suit appeared at the peak, my brother came up.His facial flushing, slightly fat, the lesson shiny hair.He proudly Shan a bit starched sleeve lapel, looking forward to his father, said: I win, I win!This road is really too proud.In magnanimous road I only forward, forward!Soothing slope let me go quiet, smooth stone steps made me feel good.There is no fork in me trouble, I did not highlight the rocks to stumble.My heart did not deceive me, is a wise choice to help me victory.Practice has proved that: between flat and rugged, only a fool would give up the flat, rugged choice.Smart choice I had to make the journey ah how proud.I won, right I should win!  His father watched him kindly: you have to choose really smart way to go is also very beautiful, my good son not sure how long after that, another figure appeared: his steady pace, the whole body is full of vitality of life; although thin , ragged, but bright and piercing eyes, a trace of intelligence and wisdom.Brother smile to his father and brother, I start from the road leisurely story: Oh, this is how meaningful a journey!Thank you, Father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to choose.Along the way, stop the steep cliff to climb my footsteps, clusters of thorns punctured my bare Bibo, physical and mental fatigue increase of loneliness of sorrow and grief.But I insist on living, and finally I learned flexibility and choice, learn smart and self-care, independence and perseverance learned.Roadside beautiful scenery, made me slow down and enjoy nature’s gifts.() At the foot of the mountain, I saw the flowers are blooming, butterflies dancing, so I with flowers and butterflies song with dance.In the mountainside, I saw green grass, wood such as Hua cover, clear stream flowing quietly in the forest, enjoy the birds sing pilgrimage to Linshao.I embrace the natural chords, rhythm and lively chase.These tend to be the happiest time of my.Can more often be cold and dense fog surrounded Jingzhen Cong spine barrier.Looking around, groaning yellow leaves, withered grass over the road, but I see abundant fruits in the yellow leaves in the forest, realize the hope of new life from bad grass.  I felt myself mature, one begins to mature.Beyond that, there is no sign of life of the wind and gravel, I wanted to give up, but I had a hard warm, enlighten me, give me strength, give me confidence that I forget more dangerous than the dangerous silence, throw away more painful than the pain of confusion!I arrived here!Along the way, I read the best mountain spring, also suffered a journey of well-being, for which I thank You, Father, thank you for giving me the right to choose, I learned from selecting their hearts in the eyes reveal puzzled many, many brother, but soon disappear, he said, not without contempt: but you lost!Yes, Father I regret to say, boy, you lost the game his brother ahead in the distance, his face showing calm smile: But, I won life!  Life is so, it is because only a little more rugged charm, its rich it even more.Flat even faster, but it can not be compared with the rich, rugged.Life often rugged rugged included among its wisdom and maturity.  An American director in high school was hooked on watching the movies, and video store simply go to work, a few years, he found his directing style, but also to enrich his rich life experiences, these are the good future of his creation direction and struggle of material.Saturated with nutrients, he went to Hollywood, and sure enough, his first film was an instant sensation, but also laid the foundation for his future career.  Another director, born poor in Spain, in order to share the family, as well as raise their own funds shooting the film, he did 10 years Postman.10 years of experience Postman, allowing him to further Spain’s streets to experience the needs of the people, so in his work, disputes with human nature, the scent of precipitation and the life of the mind.  Life is good and bad times writing two pieces of paper, each carrying the ups and downs of life.Good and bad times together supporting the pursuit of life from a higher realm.  Life motto: who came, will leave marks.Life is wasted without any process, including all the hard work, tears, sad, every sum will increase your success in the future glory. Exam inspirational stories of women inspirational story of ancient inspirational stories inspirational story: moral philosopher who can create wealth with a group of students to roam the world, 10 years, they traveled all the countries visited all those who have learned, and now they come back , and all one’s mind.  Before the city, in a grassy field on the outskirts of the philosopher sat down and said: 10 years of travel, you are a learned scholar, academic now coming to an end, our last lesson it!  Disciples sat down around the philosopher.Philosophers ask: where we are sitting now?Disciples A: Now we are sitting in the desert.Philosophers asked: What long wilderness?Disciples said: Weeds.  Philosophers say: Yes, wilderness covered with weeds.Now I want to know is how to get rid of these weeds.Disciples were very surprised that they did not expect, has been exploring the secret life of the philosopher, the last lesson was so simple to ask a question.  A disciple of the first to speak, said: teacher, as long as there is enough shovel.Philosopher nodded.Another disciple went on to say: The fire is also a good way.Philosopher smiled, indicating the next.The third disciple said: Sprinkle lime will remove all weeds.Then talking about the fourth disciples, he said: extermination, as long as the roots dug up on the line.  And other disciples are finished, the philosopher stood up and said that the lesson is here, and after you go back, according to their own methods to get rid of weeds.A year later, together again.  A year later, they have come, but the original gathering place is no longer overgrown with weeds, it turned into a covered millet crops.Disciples around the valley to sit down and wait for the arrival of the philosopher, but philosophers never came.  Several years later, the philosopher died.Disciples when finishing his remarks, secretly fill in the last chapter: To get rid of the weeds in the wilderness, only one way, and that is on top of planted crops.Also, to get the soul no troubles, the only way is to occupy it by virtue.  Imagine if those students’ life missing this last lesson, even if the car was not there much sense.  A man wants to be a millionaire, will be there to beg God.God sometimes hot, it gave him a basket of character.The man distressed to say: God, I want the money it!God says: Yeah Yeah!I’ll give you a character, because character can make you money in exchange for it!The man did not understand back to earth, widely spread God gave him something.A few years later, he really became a millionaire.Although this is to be made up story, but it illustrates a truth, that character can create wealth.  A military enterprise production of civilian furniture, issued after the shipment, found a table less paint again.By the look, this table has been bought by the customer.So easy to plant by continuous radio broadcast for two weeks, looking for the buyers.Unexpectedly, this initiative although not find a buyer, the good news has led to 12 shopping malls willing to underwrite the plant products.  This reputable military enterprises it has been a big windfall.  A few years ago, someone’s wife heard a smattering of people say that brand UPS power supply voltage can be stabilized, protective devices, it is believed to come to computer stores, want to use as home to buy a new refrigerator power protection.After this detailed computer shop owner had come to ask the wife thought: to sell or not to sell?Sell this power protection devices to protect the refrigerator useless; do not sell, the hand will lose fat.Hesitation, shopkeepers conscience triumphed over greed.He carefully explained the purpose and principles of power supply to the refrigerator the wife, advised her not to spend several hundred dollars for a useless thing for myself.The wife did not understand at first, when the boss really understand the store is a well-intentioned, they sincerely feel admiration.() The next day, someone from the store and his wife bought a valuable computer because somebody and his wife feel at ease to buy goods from here.And enjoys talking about the good qualities of this store owners, several of their relatives, classmates are infected, but also buy a lot of things from him.People with good moral character not only to win each other’s hearts, but also win the hearts of people around, who knows he has good moral character who are willing to associate with him.  When Lincoln lawyer, Lincoln was looking for the obvious party to a suit in the wrong defended.Lincoln replied: I can not do that.If I do this, then when the court heard, I would unconsciously exclaimed: Lincoln, you’re a liar, you’re a liar.  Why Lincoln would become one of the greatest figures in the history of the United States, long respected by the people it?Remove outside his career achievements, but also due to his great qualities.  The same as US President, Bill Clinton’s term of office is the performance attracted the attention of the world, his ability is impeccable ruling.But a series of scandals that made his life into disrepute, even though the American people forgave him.In the turn of the century, he led the United States to continue forward along the road of prosperity, but he also put a stain on his character written into the history of the United States.  In human life, moral character will play a role, either you treasure, you are either a stumbling block before the line.Imagine, if you will be unethical to give you a label affixed in their twenties and thirties who later experience how walking up the road?Only with a good moral life to benefit others before. life motto: the most worthy of respect, what he showed in the pursuit of the struggle and the process of good character.Really lucky his who has good character.Character is gold. Women inspirational life story inspirational story inspirational story of star celebrity inspirational stories inspirational story: woodcutter clairvoyance is unfortunate embarrassing things in life.Flower of Life has just begun to sprout, but was Shuangda rain, the cause of the sail has just departed, he would face the storm, the cause of the journey appear reefs, shoals, how unfortunate.Unfortunately, however, in our lives, not surprising.Of misfortune, we should pay attention to its existence value and use value, rather than to avoid recession.  Because the bad things under certain conditions, conversions, then good results are drawn.It is the life course to finish in one high and one low trek.  Avoid unfortunate people, will not get rid of misfortune; lament unfortunate people, unfortunately, will not be weakened; yield unfortunate people, unfortunately, will not drive away.Only the correct treatment unfortunate, for it to become a stepping stone to mature and become whistling arrow into the way so you can make very people who can do things.  Unfortunately it fell, like a mirror, can illuminate a firm idea of the will of the people or fragile, can produce two different results.Unfortunately, the same people who struggle, will alleviate the suffering of the unfortunate brought down to a minimum the misfortune.Succumb unfortunate people, can only be the unfortunate prisoner, was unfortunately swallowed.If unfortunately a person as a step forward, we can see the light; if unfortunate as slides, can only stuck in the mud.  The more people in times of crisis, the more we should remain calm in order to come up with solution to the crisis.  There was once a woodcutter and his wife lived in a small village outside.Every morning, the woodcutter will go out into the forest to cut trees, and when he finished work in the evening to return home one day, his wife cooked delicious meals always hot table waiting for him.  One day, the woodcutter call it a day early to go home, but accidentally by the window to see his wife having an affair at home and in the village pawnbroker.When he opened the door, also clearly hear the pawnbroker hurriedly looking for a place to hide the sound of.  But Woodman has always been a calm and humorous person.He hugged before quietly to his wife and told her: God gave me one pair of forest clairvoyance, I just watched a small hole in the middle of a piece of wood, ordinary people will be able to see the invisible things.He told his wife, he found hidden in the cabinet room of what a valuable (natural mean his pawnbroker).To confirm his new capacity, he will then lock the cabinet, it came through the pawn shop on the counter, bid 50 coins to man the shop, selling cabinets and cabinets things.  Then, the woodcutter went outside leisurely pace, pumping smoke, slowly let folks consider this business.Then, he heard stifled get bored to tears in the cabinet pawnbroker shouted loudly in the cabinet, requires folks to pay a ransom faster, better let him out.  In this the ancient Japanese fable, the woodcutter of a clever trick to make people stingy stingy impression of a pawnbroker to pay the price for their actions.() Woodman reverse the situation calm and witty humor, not only so that he easily won 50 gold, worthy of conscience to report the revenge (if he killed a pawnbroker in the heat of the moment, I am afraid that would be wasted), and proves his Gaorenyichou, the matter need not worry about losing of face, moreover, the woodcutter and thus can more easily confront or deal with their pain.  Clever at the woodcutter, is that at the very moment of sentiment, humor can still choose to remain, to outwit, pulled out of the anger itself to both a practical method can vent their grievances to deal with things.  In fact, everyone will inevitably encounter this critical juncture or sudden changes in life, as long as we can calm face, flexibility will be able to find a good solution.  Life motto: if you are ever in trouble, do not have to be lucky to get worse.Sometimes in life, things are just as bad as it looks on the surface.Unfortunately, we must first analyze the situation facing the calm and accept the status quo.When you learn something as serious as maybe not as good as imagined, you taken the first step to solve the problem. Repeat students the college entrance examination inspirational stories inspirational new term growth story inspirational story

At sixteen I went to school (under) at Springfield High School

Chunhui middle school campus, near a lake, the distant mountains; reading environment like “Xanadu”.As a student, reading the mind should be pure, be quiet, to be spotless; the heart of this study should be constant, and is designed, to perseverance.Cultural learning, this should be the main theme of our high school life.But our generation can not take sitting in a classroom in the classroom, seriously listen to the teacher to learn cultural knowledge.Because the “Cultural Revolution” of the students can not “ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages.”We are busy all day to participate in political campaigns, to participate in social activities, go to ‘school work, study agriculture, Xuejun’.As I read in high school that year, 1973, August 24 to 28, the CPC Central Committee held a party of ten, Lin Biao Lin Biao fled Group sink like a stone and failed, and the “Gang of Four” group was riding high.The situation is not much change, or “insist on continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat,” and “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”.    At this point, Shangyu rebels to “against the tide” in the name, organization what “petition group”, “charged group”, and held in the county Pilinpikong General Assembly on a large scale, and even set up a batch of county forest grant hole leading group, the “double lot” movement, criticizing “No one down two” (negation of the Cultural Revolution, deny the socialist new things, restoration back), so that once Shangyu improved social order fell into chaos faction.Schools closely follow the situation, we often organize students to convene denounced the General Assembly, approved a Confucius, and Confucian batch, too busy.Because I am a member of the class and learn with and on behalf of language lessons, writing critique draft okay, so the teacher always let me carry criticize draft took the floor, the meeting approved the team is not enough, they go to the school’s General Assembly approved, and sometimes even also go to social grant.    Anyway, every time denounced the General Assembly and ultimately, for my sake.All previous political movements of our students always are in them.”Cultural Revolution”, then one is often “Yikusitian” so that our students receive education class struggle.We do not know to listen to the “Yikusitian” on how many times the poor and lower classes, we do not know how much to eat meal “Yikusitian” meal.At that time, Chairman Mao advocated “student giving priority to study, and learn a different kind, school work, study agriculture, science Army” mode of education.In Springfield campus, each of our student class under the leadership of the Labor members take turns managing the school’s large tracts of farmland, vegetables, watering, fertilizing do anything.In addition to participating in the school’s production of labor, but also to the nearby village to participate in “Robbery and Snatching” to help farmers pull up seedlings, planting, cutting rice.These were not enough, the school also stopped to class, set aside a time to “learn farming”.Things many years later, I left the memory of the most impressive is that we have to the next tube soo Creek Township brigade to participate in “learn farming ‘activities.Where there was a party branch secretary called Renmeng Song, it will do ideological work, the educated youth arrange a bang.Later, we also end up with a pair Springfield High School, graduated from the school of “educated youth” are directed to soo Creek brigade to Chaduilahu.It is said that graduate school “educated youth” Finally, there is someone to replace Renmeng Song soo Creek brigade Party branch secretary did, of course Renmeng Song secretary is “higher level” promoted to the village to do the Party secretary went to do.This is something.    Educated city youth, is a special way in the special historical background of the “Cultural Revolution” to provide for the generation of youth.On this road, there are abandoned precious youth, there is a better disillusionment, have shaken confidence in life, more generation “educated youth” struggling performance.In the country’s most difficult years, they together with the local population.With their diligence and wisdom, supporting the building of the Republic.Later than the young, some of them more difficult to comprehend life, a character with a more hard-working.In a late autumn season, the weather has been very cold, we came soo Creek brigade “agricultural science”, the labor training, full for a week.We participate there with the peasants ate, lived with the work in the fields, re-education by poor peasants.Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, Renmeng Song secretary also let us boarded the Lushan, which is the highest pipe under a mountain peak.Village deep in the mountains there are also working with farmers, live.Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, Renmeng Song secretary also allow our students to participate in their brigade of militia live ammunition target practice, this is my first time in life holding live ammunition fire a gun.    Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, I have done a good thing.One evening, my classmates and Zhuzhong Qin standing in front of a shop, I picked up a wallet on the ground, which has tens of dollars.The amount of money, though not much, but in that impoverished era, the money is not a small number of.I picked up the wallet to the teacher, returned to its owner.To this point fart big thing I’m soo Creek brigade, many times in the school was praised Congress.I say this is Shijinbumei!I have to praise embarrassed, as if I like how high the ideological level.    In addition to organizing our school students to “learn farming”, but also organize our students to the “five husbands barracks” Yu People’s Liberation Army troops stationed there “to learn the military,” military training, learning Liberation Army “fearing neither hardship nor death” spirit.We in the playground, under the scorching sun, in the People’s Liberation Army led by instructors, and sometimes lined with uniform team, heads held high, kicking goose.Sometimes four row tandem forward trot, running while his mouth kept shouting “one two one”.Students then there is no uniform standard conditions for the allotment of military clothing, so we, dressed in the costume of military training in the playground is a colorful exhibit.Despite this, our People’s Liberation Army training instructors, or very seriously asked us to every student must rise, chest, abdomen, keeping neat formation and pace, to show good Junzi.Down week of military training, everyone’s face and tan skin are jet black jet black, although military training bitter tired, we still full of energy avid.When we students really envy those soldiers.    At that time, every school in every semester there are plans to organize students out of school, to carry out “science engineering, agricultural science, military science” activities.Some things in people today seems unimaginable, but you can not deny that we have done in these activities the students also get some exercise and sharpen.Specific experience of many secondary school in later life is more or less came in handy and played a role.Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold to.    Only after a person has experienced hardships, we will have a rich experience of life.At that time, in spite of our students “ought” to participate in so many activities and labor, although learning has also brought serious impact, but fortunately our school has not abandoned all.We must thank our teachers Chunhui!Many teachers in the continuous movement of the era still insist on rigorous teaching, there is an opportunity to engage in competition, even to risk scores do list.Some teachers let us huh extracurricular interest groups, some teachers as much as possible the number of labor and open education content and teaching activities combined.Our teachers really in those days was not easy!    During the Springfield campus to study, teach us to count the teacher is not less down, but left me most impressed by my homeroom teacher, teacher humorous Xuru Zhen.From the teacher who we learned a lot textbooks did not learn, so that we a lifetime.And friendship between teachers and students as a jar of old wine, the longer the precious markedly effective.    The teacher then in their prime, and now some are old age, and some have died, and then we was young, and now has entered the fourth decade, I would like to thank all the teachers for my teachings and culture!Springfield campus during the school also has a lot of interesting stories.”Cultural Revolution” had a late movie “Chunmiao”, talking about the countryside barefoot doctors and hospital capitalist roaders story of class struggle.Starring are often expressions and Xiuming, as well as movie stars such as Zhang Yu.There are a good listen to the “Chunmiao unearthed welcome the Rising Sun” movie soundtrack.Some of these scenes is at our White Horse Lake at the foot of Xiangshan Chunhui Middle School shooting.Lift director Xie Jin, Chunhui students are all proud of, because “Xie is our alumni.”.Xie Jin went to school because I have been in the Springfield High School, his alma mater have Sincere feelings, so I chose here as a location to.It is mid-winter in January 1975, the Shanghai Film Studio director Xie Jin with a film crew came to our Springfield High School filming the movie “Chunmiao”, which has taken two scenes I still have not forgotten.There is a scene under the three large camphor tree in front of the school, take a one square house, beside it dug a well, above the three branches logs.Xiuming played barefoot doctors Chunmiao squatting pit, counted as participating in digging wells.While Zhang Yu plays the female members gasping ran over, ran screaming: “Chunmiao sister, sister Chunmiao.”There is a Xiuming played Chunmiao, wearing a straw hat, hand-held lantern, walking on the road, probably counted for the masses to see a doctor on call at night meaning.This is a small bridge in front of the school, was also shot in three large camphor tree.The shooting, many students in our school, the teacher was chosen to do extras, I still remember two.One is the three classes of Jiachao Ying, plays a young farmer (members), one is the king of the school’s accounting department plays a rural Aunt.    The last movie a shot, Xiuming play barefoot doctors Chunmiao Huazhexiaochuan, lopsided lens is shot on the White Horse Lake.At the time of the shooting scene to a lot of police to maintain order, while The crowd is packed, even the mountains were filled with people watching.This film is about class struggle is complex, with strong political overtones, did not put a few games it was banned in the shadow above the community.    Speaking of movies, one evening we take a lot of hiking uphill mountain road, Wang Tong watched a title to “scout” the movie, back to school because of the way the world is heavy rain, the students all the rain just like a wet “drowned rat” like a school canteen did give us a big pot fend off the cold ginger soup.I had a classmate named Lu Ban put, an excellent memory, after seeing this movie, the “Scout” movie lines one does not leak to recite them, I am impressed.    Thirty years ago, in order to watch a movie, we ran tens of miles back and forth in the dark mountain road, even if the rain wet clothes or spirits excited.Today I sit comfortably on the couch watching a movie, you can also freely change the channel by pressing the remote control, sometimes bored, it really can not compare the.A squad of our high school, many students, there are fifty or sixty people, and now I have not remember their names.Learning in Springfield campus students together, play together, tense and lively always floating in the air around us.High school years, we’ve been through hardship, I learned to live, learn self-reliance, self-reliance.    The deep friendship between the students, but also the best.Then our squad leader Chen Wei Quan is like one of our big brother, always quietly, meticulous care about every student in our class.High school life is on the road most exciting one, full of struggle that the above hardships, filled with joy and hard work, full of sentiment to start life.    Years long, lengthy past.Whenever I recall two years time spent in Springfield high school, high school that difficult but happy life, always makes me excited, excited.And students in daily life situations, as well as their smiles, conversation is still fresh in our memory surfacing.My alma mater, Chunhui middle school, I never forget you, and I’m dreaming, but also I will never forget.