I used to love your life (see crying)

I used to love your life (see crying) Click on the “tree child micro Journal” free attention to her 30-year-old, who pretty, white skin, thin waist.However, she was in life, first gave birth silly girl, and later, 29 years old, her husband died.            Later, she chose to remarry, married older than her 15-year-old man.      She gets tough, not to mention there stupid girl.Importantly, he was the miners, the level of income does not say, if an accident, the general miners will lose three four hundred thousand yuan.      She scared the poor, otherwise, why so juicy legs will marry something wrong person.He was old and ugly, crooked eye and mouth oblique.      He also knows himself unworthy, he still had a treasure like the same.            He earned half a lot of points to give her, but 1,000 yuan a month, in addition to food and clothing left much less than.What she could not, silly girl in the future have to use the money, I do not want to tell him so over a lifetime.Everywhere is mine, why he would not encounter it on?Her thought was that three to four million, if he died, she would roll the money and run.This is a very wicked idea, but it is most true.      She bought clothes rouge pink dress themselves, and men flirt neighbors.Some say he see your wife, take your money and dress the man fooling around!He just chuckled, she Mende Huang, let her play.In fact, his heart is in pain, she did not want to go crazy.            She said something to eat tangerine, he went to town to buy, of course, did not tell her when to go.      Mine accident, her first thought was, this is just great, the 300,000 yuan at hand!      Out a lot of dead bodies, she has a look, he did not see, I was extremely disappointed.I look back, she saw he was holding a tangerine came to it, naive like a child.      For, he says, I’ll go to town to buy tangerine, and shift the others!Wow she’s crying, but because of hopes dashed.He advised, I’m fine, do not be afraid.He thought she was scared.Eating tangerine, her heart do not feel a thing.      He hurt her, but also distressed girl.Secretly, he went to the mountains to plant trees, species forty-five month.He was asked, what do trees?He answered with a smile, give them Niangliang species, after I die, these trees are grown up, they can feed.Indeed reached her ears, her heart a sour, tears almost fall.            Later, she contracted a cold sick, to serve him with a puzzled her clothes.Middle of the night woke up and found him holding her foot.She asked, why you hold my feet?He said, as you wake up, I will know that you want to save nobody helped relieve themselves.She really cried, sobbed, you silly.      After getting better, she said, we do not mine, and mine is always an accident a few days ago has died several people, I’m afraid.This time she was sincere, because I wanted to understand, people are the most important people did not, you got nothin ‘.      After that, she honest, not going anywhere, no longer dressed like fairy.She opened a small shop, guarding him live.      Soon after, he suddenly felt chest pain, a little while to do things, large drops of perspiration will fall, so steal to eat painkillers, a kind of ten dollars, and a food that is fifty-six, can chest JINWOZI or pain.He went to town to steal speaking doctor.The doctor says, liver cancer, advanced, up to three months to live, want to eat anything eat anything it, do not wronged ourselves.         Walk along the street, he brought all the money spent, bought a lot of things, her new dress, flower girl gown, rouge perfume, but did not buy yourself something.      The next morning, he said he also intends to work the mine boss to find him.She said, not too easy to crash, do not go, determined not to!He chuckled, in the end still went.He said to his boss, give me a hard living, tired I am not afraid.Of course the boss is willing, I sent him to the deepest underground.Pain when he cried her name in the dark.      On the third day at work, underground water seepage began, he would have a chance to run away, but he thought that, with three to four million, and her daughter a lifetime is enough.So he did not run, did not call for help.      After that message, she did not comb ran to the head, hands clinging to the wellhead, flow of blood hand.Looking at his body, she shouted his name, teeth, I will not let you come, do not let you come, they will not let you come!      Pulls out of hospital medical certificate from his pocket, she came to understand that man is his own life last love her once.         Women need to be hurt, so the greatest desire of love is a woman’s husband.Money, status..After all, women want is a man’s love and care.   Men need to be understood, it is best to comfort his wife’s understanding is the man.Beauty, desire.The last men want is a woman of tenderness and companionship.   ?Original works (public No. Reprinted with authorization) Photo Source: Original article read [email protected] clicking on the left read: If the network involves copyright issues, please contact the public number editor: Tree children shu9882 text editor: light ink Xuan li913124 Submission E-mail more Past Essay