With his son through the test (8) mixed

No. May 4 close to the work, and her husband called to say just received an SMS, the son of English listening, speaking out in the examination.I am full of joy, I said out on the Well!In front of a mold out, and when the two-mode is read to listen to the teacher, speaking son had six points, those days he was a fever linked to the water, down to test the teacher send text messages that unsatisfactory results.He asked his son said it was expected the worst class, and it was a bit worried.Later in the exam to be officially, I say you can not be careless, and this is related to your studies ah!Son nodded solemnly.Overnight in the exam is still practiced on a computer, there will be unexpected afraid exam.And when he came out oral exam blushed when asked he said everything is normal.Now we see is out, and I was also at ease.In case if listening, speaking also lose points, it will definitely affect the back of his son exam.Now the heart can be put down.    The teacher sent text messages received from work when the car rental to say the quality of work the holiday boarders significantly higher than non-resident students and non-resident students in certain job has a job cut corners.The actual test from the school only 31 days, and do not strive too late.A total of six students by name, son’s name is listed among.Let me just happy heart is what gave clench.    See this message, then felt his son did not seriously these days, came back still thinking about computers, televisions, No. 3 in the evening also saw him in writing what work, when he saw me he took the job Note cover up.I asked: “You do not work ah?”He told me well.    SMS heart to look at gas, thinking how his son did not know better, or do not take the initiative to learn, but also nagged to do.After the first round from test mode into the state seems to be no, but my body has been poor.First, the face of pollen allergy, who later have played hives, then later follow toothache while cough and cold, was really linked to water and medicine injections.At this point they saw the teacher criticized hair, and so renowned for his son really wanted to call him a good meal, scolded him sober.    This is the end of my night classes to pick up his son, he can Education.Out of the car, then bursts of cold wind blowing, let me coughing, think, or let her husband pick up.And I also rare to bed early.    Et son back, came over to me, looked at him like, I really do not have the heart to blame him.In fact, he has also been studying very hard, and I do not want to hurt him, afraid hit his passion for learning.Spoken English to ask his son to know the results yet?He said knew.I asked out of the class were many.He said more.Then he said: “I was so bad also read aloud out of.”My heart thumped, originally said his son before all normal circumstances is a lie, he was afraid I was afraid I worry about him or blame him.    He went on to say that he read all read twice, the first pass read error to re-read it, and find acceptance sonic seems not very high jump.As long as required to read through it.Fancy this can get out of.Son said his face showing a shy smile.I said that in any case, as long as out on the line.Then I said the teacher send text messages that your work is so good, how is it ah?He said: “I will not do it and some empty.”” Oh, this is so.”I said:” Then you must strive to ah later, from the test did not have much time, the teacher told you to say it!””Yep!”My son nodded.    After a while my son took to help him to sign the papers.That is the holiday of work, above a wrong title has been revised.Anyway, I can not read, just looked at the whole situation noodles, he asked his son to understand the topics are now not to give him a positive answer to help him sign his name.    As a parent, I want her son to understand the importance of this study can be a little harder, look at the last sprint stage, to test their ideal school.