Road can look back, I can not go back

Road can look back, you can not walk back can look back, you can not go back, as I do not seek meaning, but for the worthy of my heart!Lost heaven and earth, not lost traces of heart, the wind and the rain stopped, can not stop the slightest idea of the meaning.Do not tie themselves of course there is no possibility to fly, no rough experience no colorful life, not real impressed would not always successful, no pains, no regrets brilliant life.The face should have to cherish, could not get without having to go demanding, life is like a never to return one-way ticket, no rehearsal, every game is broadcast live, a good grasp of every performance is the best cherish the life bit by bit past thin aftertaste, tears when sad, happy when drunk, because the pursuit and valuable, not the fault of the sunset years, the wind is not too woods, as long as the love of heaven paid a laugh sound is not a legend.We are missing something every day, miss, he was not aware, wise man said, best not to miss two things: the last one home, car and a love you man.Encounter really like to strive for the opportunity and his forever, because when he left everything will hate late.Met trustworthy people to get along well with him, because human life is not easy to meet friends.Elegant encountered a good to remember to thank him, because he is a turning point in your life.I encountered who have loved to remember grateful to him, because he lets you know how to love.Encounter people who hated to smile and say hello to him, because he makes you stronger.Once you encounter treacherous people to take over and talk to him, because if it is him you would not understand this world.I met once secretly like people to remember to wish him happy, because you love him hope he is not too happy right?I encountered a hurry to leave people remember to thank him through your life, because he is part of your wonderful memories seize every moment, cherish every owner.Do not let yourself live in the painful memories do not let yourself regret it if they work hard in life would be so much regret Is ah.Worthy of himself worthy of the world.Worthy of the heart.