Your sign is part of several levels

First Constellation: Scorpio (foresight, hidden, crafty, bold, ambitious, strong will, insight, strong, real stars of the crown 12!) Capricorn (hard, late bloomer, ambitious, bite the bullet, perseverance, indomitable will, after the constellation Scorpio Excellence!) Aquarius (weird thought, the very people who can and, unusual calm, unique and eccentric, unpredictable.An extremely attractive alien constellations) second sign: Leo (with leadership skills, have courage, dare dare, the disadvantage is arrogant, do not listen to persuade them) Libra (elegant and gentlemanly, handsome, friends numerous.But the star without assertive, good to enjoy) Taurus (stable, practical, artistic cells, more honest man.But the star mostly miser, and his hard work for money) Gemini (one to mince words, quick thinking, anti-X swift pace, communicative ability.But the star said that more mistakes, of two minds, no qualitative) Sagittarius (Zhixing Zi, called the most communicative competence of the 12 stars, many friends, like the unfettered freedom life, but nothing of this star patient, do things give up halfway.And helping them, not practical, dishonesty Third Constellation: Aries (the stars are mostly impulsive person, no brain, naive, aggressive.) Cancer (this star only know her mother, children, love.Cry…Male crab is so, good for nothing) Virgo (analities king, nervous, preoccupied with cleanliness, is not gregarious.Comparison of unpleasant constellation) Pisces (living in a dream among the 12 constellations of the most vulnerable constellation, not assertive, mercy.Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.Tongshi this constellation of stars in the crime rate is also 12 first)