The side of a villa with four floors and two basement bar game room gym readily available, the bedroom is the bed KINGSIZE.

Different styles of painting hung on the wall, but could see all the copy for.

Mu spend carefully looked for a moment, he recognized several pairs of masterpieces.

There Turner “from the Vatican overlooking Rome”, pale golden sun and blue sky at the same time rendering the bustling town promenade eye can see.

There Rufus Shen “garden path”, the processing catechesis and light brush strokes of light and shade reflects the typical characteristics of Impressionism.

He quietly looked at the painting, the more distant the night also just picked out two baseball caps.

“This is your picture of it?”He turned to look at him and laugh a lot of soft facial features are:” Samuel?”

“I smashed it to draw with my dad have to hang up,” the more the later also handed him a baseball cap, murmured: “the proportion a little collapse, this is an open sentence.”

“Painting looks good, squiggle signature is also very nice.”Flower Mu sighed and said:” You’re a what will be a little.”

Although the night also got used to the fancy Prince encouraged him, this time my heart is still some small proud smile Hey, he took went to the night market.

Business does not blow each other to talk about love.

Everything outside, it seems