i Xuemei discuss, “they go to the mountains tomorro杭州桑拿w Jianxun catch wild boar, I am going to go catch it, we ask relatives for a meal, let it rain mixed with a Lianshu.”

  Li Xuemei think this is it, hand drawn Xiao Ming and his money, he pulled too tightly, Li Xue m not too hard, for fear the money Chelan, and Lu Ming said, “I did not have to ask Hongying time, she took to the rain, helped to pack the house out of the job.”
  Drizzle born too plump, Li Xuemei Lu Hongying often helped take him, this child is very like.
  Li Xuemei took over from the hands of the rain, she Dian Ledian up, the rain was too excited to open his mouth, smiling eyes narrowed crack, Lu Hongying call them to dinner at noon, Xiao Ming followed the stuff they went to visit relatives, noon come back.
  ”No, Lu Ming wash the stove, and we just get something to eat at noon, rain hungry, then you called me.”
  Li Xuem都市兔兔体验网ei went into Yuanba, but to hear the sound of chattering inside, and Lu Hongying said the reason of things, Lu Hongying totally do not care, “said said the chanting, but not a big deal, did not see my brother smile mouth all Bulong ah.”
  Luming Wen Yuan Ba in sharp cut bamboo, suddenly stopping by to a few women, sit down after Luming Wen asked how not to objects to take home.
  Her mother did not worry about these things, they have to ask what qualifications, pure fed nothing to do.
  Change for her, and she certainly does not speak a word of impatience, Luming Wen more than a simple man, he can not wait to tell the world fall in love, do not give them the opportunity chipped from awareness to determine the interaction, to see the other parents, one thing did not fall, vivid and fluent than telling stories.
  Li Xuemei necks forget his eyes, Luming Wen upright, can sit upright, and la