Shangqi Wen accused, and did not hesitate to kill Shangqi Wen, Yan Wei did not directly Shangqi Wen told a polite – attempted murder.

  Shangqi Wen is already in a small fire when Yan Ye’s wife, a short time later and mix of entertainment, and is now out of this thing, the Internet became a mass of trouble.
  Before the police informed out online dis佛山桑拿网cussions on this temporary burst of news
  [My God, kill ah!She really dare???]
  [I do not believe I do not believe I can not do this goddess, she is definitely someone slander.]
  You dirty horse ah [!Witnesses are there, also slander.]
  [Her rich color, will have nothing to go kill a pregnant woman?There must be reversed, wait.]
  No amount of online discussion, Yan Wei also not to pay attention, he did not care, his purpose is to kill off dangerous it.
  But attempted murder, after all, not a small case, the whole process is not a short time can be the result, but all right, they are still a long time!
  Yan Ye received the news of the time, the people are ignorant, disbelief asked him to send a message to Gu Baoshan: “You said, Who kill?”
  Gu Baoshan also feel very surprised about this incident, he said: “Miss ah yet!I heard that went to the hospital with a knife to kill large lady.”
  Yan Ye took a deep breath, carefully asked: “You say Shangqi Wen knife, kill my sister-in-law – Jojo Week?”
  Baoshan Gu nodded and said: “Yes, yes, such a thing.But do not worry Yan always heard great lady all right.”
  Yan Ye strange week Jojo that actually nothing insensibly?