Yes, this is not wrong.

  ”I just take a look, here you go a step further?”
  Han Yu Yun was a little surprised, Lin Mei beads could this opening.But looking at the way the beads Lin Mei, Han Yu Yun know they should be chance encounter.
  As beads Lin Mei want to see who does not know Han Yu cloud.
  ”How do you still want to find the prefect Xu.”
  Han Yu Yun did not want to beat around the bush, if Lin Mei beads really do, then they really are enemies, whether she is not the junior sister apprentice Linxuan month.
  In fact, Lin Mei Pearl is not so vicious, she wants to do is take home their senior sister apprentice, Lin Mei beads did not want to implicate innocent people, but has chosen not to cooperate Linxuan month.
  So he Lin sister Pearl had the idea one kind of vengeful, fishes and Paul Chun Han Yu cloud hands.
  Han Yu looked at his eyes cloud graceful woman hearts are full of awkward Paul Chun shadow in prison, more so, Han Yu cloud the mood a little more anxious and angry.
  Han Yu said the cloud that has been said, he did not want a repeat.”No way, are you senior sister apprentice Linxuan month.”
  After a pause, Han Yu Yun continued: “This time I say no more, and finally advise you one, to solve their own thing, why bother to implicate others, you have not a child.Even if no matter how you want your senior sister apprentice back to the martial art, nor should such a sordid means.Besides everyone has the right of every person to do things, why do not you ask why on earth do not want to go back Linxuan month instead been forced to go back Linxuan month.”
  Strode stride on the left after saying Han Yu cloud, he does not want to waste time here, there are more important things waiting for him to do.
  But Lin Mei beads was stunned at home, a little cloud Han Yu said, she seemed to treat senior sister apprentice on this matter too self, and never understood the real thoughts of senior sister apprentice.
  After Lin Mei beads followed up with a reminder of one of the people said, “Master, we have to go there yet prefect Xu?Appointment time almost over, wait too long there is not a good prefect Xu.”
  They had come to the past to find that Xu prefect, since the masters do, they can not stop.However, no one thought met Han Yu cloud.
  Pearl Lin Mei Yu Han turned and looked at the direction of a cloud away, silently shook his head and said: “Let’s go back.”
  That being the case, she does not mind giving him time, but also the way to give yourself another chance and senior sister apprentice.
  While the other side, cloud Han Yu did not return to leave in a hurry after the Han, or immediately rush to another place.
  Xu to the House after the北京桑拿 heavily guarded yard, and everyone seems to have known his identity, Han Yu cloud that seemed to be fully aware of the people of Alex
  It seems that they are very familiar with Han Yu cloud, immediately went to see him to inform the.
  And not a moment, someone came with a cloud Han Yu went to see the master went to see Alex.But after Han Yu cloud named Alex to see the old lady, who was busy informed about it, and finally Han Yu cloud brought the old lady in front of Alex.
  ”Long time no see, your body is better.”
  Han Yu sat beneath the cloud, first saw the old lady when Alex said such kind words.
  Such courtesy is not without reason, the last time he came in when Alex Xu old woman’s body is completely like a talent that some elderly.
  But now Han Yu cloud can obviously be able to feel her whole body are filled with the breath of vitality, although Han Yu cloud does not know why this is, but still polite to say something.