Kitakami Capital buys Ziguang State Micro on dips and suffers 1 billion mainselling

Kitakami Capital buys Ziguang State Micro on dips and suffers 1 billion mainselling

Funds 重庆桑拿网 from Kitakami were bought on dips, and Ziguang Guowei was sold by a 1 billion main force on the 4th. A-share pork stocks, sub-new stocks, rare earth permanent magnets and other popular concepts were replaced at high levels.

  On the 4th, the Shanghai Composite Index closed down 0.

96% reported at 2862.

28 points; SZSE Component Index fell 1.

23%, closed at 8748.

27 points; ChiNext Index fell 0.

87%, closed at 1456.

27 o’clock.

  The total turnover of the two cities was 4223.

1 billion yuan, an early decrease of 567.

1.4 billion.

  The main funds were re-altogether 333.

7 billion US dollars, can be converted to a new high in 10 days, of which oversized orders and large orders replaced 143 respectively.

5.5 billion and 190.

1.5 billion; medium and small orders reversed into 21.

5 billion and 312.

2 billion yuan.

The main force accelerated the departure and retail investors continued to grab the chips.

  In the industry sector, the 5G sector has continued to strengthen; Heilongjiang has actively planned the construction of a free trade zone, Longjiang Transportation, and Longjian’s daily limit; gold stocks have once again been sought after by safe-haven funds; agricultural sectors, second-new stocks, and rare earth permanent magnets have significantly reduced.

Of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries, only the communications industry rose slightly.

21%, the rest all turned green; defense industry, construction materials and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery led the decline, with declines of 2 respectively.

84%, 2.

70% and 2.


  In terms of capital flow, all of Shenwan ‘s first-tier industries have suffered major sell-offs, among which the leisure services, comprehensive, and automotive industries have been less aggressively sold, becoming 0 respectively.

6.7 billion yuan, 1.

7.3 billion and 2.

60ppm; electronic, computer and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing quotas have been extended to 43 respectively.

3.1 billion, 28.

9 billion and 27.

3.8 billion yuan.

  Specific to the sub-sectors, the other three major industries of other fibers, other rubber products and machine tools are most favored by the main force, which flowed into 4 respectively.

7.7 billion, 0.

4.1 billion and 0.

3.6 billion; liquor, integrated circuits and communication transmission equipment were sold off, replacing 19 respectively.

5.6 billion, 16.

1.2 billion and 13.

7.9 billion yuan.  Today, there were 774 stocks bought by main funds in the two cities, and 2822 stocks fled from the main funds.

52%; there were 672 stocks that turned red against the market, and 2852 stocks closed down, with a profit effect of 19.


  Northbound funds flowed in today.

6.3 billion yuan, a net inflow on the second day.

Among them, the inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 11.

3.8 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Connect reversed 0.

7.5 billion yuan.

  The venture capital sector was active in the afternoon, and Suzhou Gaoxin was at 1.

8.4 billion main funds assisted in closing the daily limit; Meijin Energy fell for two consecutive days, 1.

The $ 5.9 billion main latent dip; Quanfeng Motors staged a “swing swing” market, yesterday’s “sky floor”, today “ground plate”; banking stocks were favored by the main force, Agricultural Bank of China and 杭州桑拿网 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China poured in 1.

35 billion and 0.

9.1 billion US dollars of main funds; Recently, the ice and snow equipment industry development action plan was issued, the ice and snow industry stocks responded to a sharp rise in prices, and CITIC Guoan poured in to zero.

8.3 billion main funds, an increase of more than 6%.

  After the daily limit of Ziguang Guowei yesterday, the main capital of more than 1 billion US dollars sold it today, leaving it in a bag; liquor stock leaders Guizhou Maotai and Wuliangye were abandoned respectively.

6 billion and 6.

3.4 billion, both closed down; the performance of agricultural stocks was sluggish, Zhengbang Technology was 4.

6.5 billion main sales, down more than 6%.