6 small coups, 11 long holidays are not afraid of fat upper body


6 small coups, 11 long holidays are not afraid of fat upper body

The long holiday is coming.

If you work too hard, you want to stay at home, and you are afraid of fat upper body.

Don’t worry, edit and teach you six small tricks, even if you are not fat at home every day?

To make you feel good all day, you can do some light exercise on the bed every morning when you wake up.

When you wake up, put your body to the side, put your hands under your head, and then slowly gather them.

This position can make the muscles elastic while relaxing the tension behind.

To strengthen the abdomen and the front neck, it is best to straighten your legs, sit on your back, put your hands flat, lift your head and step on it for 5 seconds, 10 important times.


To make your leg muscles fit, you can slowly pull your body to your chest until the thighs and calves stretch forward.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then relax, repeat, and practice only one leg at a time.


When ironing, cooking, arranging flowers, etc., when standing and working, you may wish to open your legs and stand up straight, which is also an exercise.

In addition, when doing indoor cleaning work, if you only use a broom blade, mop or vacuum cleaner in your hand, don’t just move your arm and melt it into the movement, let the joints, head, knee joints, etc. move together.

As you swing from a height, you can pick up your toes and become stretched to strengthen the muscles of your thighs, calves and hips.


When you bend over and pick up something, you should bend it by the waist or the thigh, as if you are doing the movement of touching the toes with your hands, so that you can fix the muscles of the thighs and buttocks (near the faulty person, avoid this action).

When walking, you should straighten your back and raise your head like a straight puppet.


Use the empty time of cooking or dishwashing, and align the cooking room with the attention of the stove. Stand at the side of the cooktop 90 cm, grab the table with your left hand, lift the right leg, stretch the foot and the toes straight, swing forward and backward.10 times, repeat the left leg, then face the sink to straighten the arm, hold the pool edge and bend and hold for 5 seconds.


I often buy some more fat clothes at home.

This is not to ask you to “grind up” to wear fat clothes, or to make you feel like you are wearing “fucking because of obesity.”

This does not cost a lot of money, but you can quickly lose weight.

This is just a psychological “first aid law.”