China’s National Table Tennis’s Strongest 12-People Race Opens in Shenzhen, Mimei Picks Up and Causes Paralysis of Escalator_1

China’s National Table Tennis’s Strongest 12-People Race Opens in Shenzhen
The 12 strongest people on the surface, who has the courage to shout such rants?The answer is the invincible China National Table Tennis.  The Düsseldorf World Championships internal selection competition, that is, the strongest surface 12 players started in Shenzhen from March 3rd to 10th. Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and other national table tennis teams will beThe quota for the World Table Tennis Championship is the same.  The game has never started, the fans have rushed from all over the country, almost idol style, the elevator at Shenzhen Airport even paralyzed due to too many fans.  The battle within the team has gradually bid farewell to closure, and it has also become a fashion show in addition to competition. There is also a special welcome reception on the evening of March 2nd.  It can be said that the escalators were paralyzed and paralyzed by the fans, and the 12 strongest people on the surface this time were an attempt to market the national table tennis.  In preparation for this intra-team match, the national table tennis men and women players and coaching staff have arrived in Shenzhen on March 1.On the same day, fans from all over the country also arrived at the airport early, hoping to see the figure of the idol.  In the past Qatar Open, Malone defeated teenager Fan Zhendong to defend the men’s singles champion.On the day of departure from Beijing, the Dragons were surrounded by enthusiastic fans at the Capital Airport.  According to reports, this time in the direct match, Malone has a “Jordan Biography” in his suitcase. He also hopes that the spirit of the trapeze can encourage himself to struggle on the field.  Another national table tennis player Zhang Jike’s popularity is still hot. Liu Guoliang also recently found on Weibo that Zhang Jike’s injury is almost the same. Qatar returned, and Jike played three days. I told me that it was 80% better.  In the latest ranking of the International Table Tennis Federation in March, Zhang Jike was promoted to the fourth place because of his participation in Qatar, but no one can shake Malone’s number one position in the world.  When the national table tennis crowd will arrive at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, the fans are excitedly waiting on both sides of the airport passage.According to reports, after Zhang Jike took the escalator, the fan door followed closely, and the escalator was once paralyzed and shut down due to the pressure of the flow of people.  On social media, various media have also played popular voting and formulated detailed voting rules.An internet platform requires each account to have three free voting opportunities every ten minutes, and after three times of coining, it is necessary to consume 10K coins.  At present, Zhang Jike is the most popular on the platform, winning more than 130,000 votes, which is twice that of second place Malone.The same is true of the voting initiated by CCTV on Weibo. The Tibetan Mastiff still leads the other teammates with high votes. Previous page12Next page