City beautician

[Abstract] Videos a street poetry, or thick or thin, or dynamic, static or.When a stray puppy from across the street, like a leisurely walk in the forest, a stray wildcat dragging a long tail, but also stiffly shake two.      Soothing rustle, rhythmic sounds, lights in gray, lightly shrouded in light fog streets, fallen leaves and garbage from the other end of the street, was flying broom to catch, like a flock of stray lamb, He has been thrust confusing.  Which head, very beautiful, bleached concrete floor of the street, like beauty, like white Piave.In the lamplight, in a light mist, like just the same as putting on makeup.Early morning streets are quiet like that, which only strong rustle, like spring rain, nourishing the city, Piave city more beautiful, he (she) had to sprinkle blood youth are on the streets.  That leaves the air every now and then, occasionally in the street, like a moth.With flying posture, and he landed on the ground just swept, like a text written on the ground Emotion strong.Just like one kind of tell, is the interpretation of ecological business card of an eco-city, but also the city, representing the true green city.  If the city is not garbage, only that piece of remarkable elegance to the green leaves, soft ground floor on the street.That this is a realm of how beautiful scenery, birds floating down from the trees, riding in the dappled sunlight of people walking among the leaves, but also doubled leisurely mood.  Looking at the leaves of the street, and some white trash, there are scavengers who get up early, carrying a woven bags, mineral water bottles and easy to pick up garbage cans.That bag of cans crashing sound, is so crisp and sounded, like a morning song, the city’s iconic birds, gently swept over the city’s abdomen.  That wonderful rustle, I really like early spring rain, flickering sounded in the streets Street Lane.Only people with insomnia to get up early to appreciate this city’s wonderful music.Standing under the trees, listening to the wind shook the city of leaves rustling, see street lights shed, looking hunched dancing brooms on the streets, I really like to write a “word art” of everyone, where his brush as large rafter.  A poetic streetscape, or thick or thin, or moving, or static.When a stray puppy from across the street, like a leisurely walk in the forest, a stray wildcat dragging a long tail, but also stiffly shake two.Mimi called in twice, and from behind that person’s street sweeping slowly through.After blurting or “dead cat” of condemning, only sweeping sound of rustling on that street.And occasionally bursts of chatter while shoveling garbage, and that a three-wheeled garbage truck and move forward shadow.As the city’s poem eye, clearly meet the dawn, the dawn of the city clean and tidy, and as good a dressing beautiful, beautiful people standing in front of.  Maybe you walk down the street, you ignore it behind the United States, that is a beautiful city and the people are now silently Bong.When you’re lying in bed, he (she) who also took to the streets in sweat for their special positions in the dressing to a city.When the people of the city opened his eyes in a comfortable environment to live, learn, work.It is as if he (she) who work for granted.  When that rustle in the streets sounds, when those seasons when replacement; it is the voice rustle season blare music.Again and again to play, crop after crop, like life, “Song of Youth” constantly write the city clean tomorrow.  When you walk through that clean streets, do you praise too?Did you see the sanitation city of angels, you watch the scenery that road with sincere eyes do?When the car stinking garbage that come from your side, you pinch the nose over it?You drink it from the heart?City sanitation workers to pay the hard work of the greatest.  ”rustle.rustle.”That sonorous notes, swept over my heart when, from my heart pours out of an impromptu poem:” Which head rustle, rustle from street to street and sweep the horizon all the way wind and rain hard all the way to the city ga ga angle angle brush into elegant painting dipped into the blood only for the youth of the city swept away with anything elegant sweep to sweep away the sunrise off the sun as long as the city beautiful regrets Bong-blooded “ah!What a beautiful city with your escort, cities have a beautiful day glory.