I do not have much impression of the grandfather, in the second year I was born, and he died; the only impression was when I was a full moon, his old holding a photograph of me, on his black and white photographs, bald, wearing a pair of glasses, a black cloth jacket, his hands holding me, for the left chest and the other side is the grandmother, from the photo, I like them, like the apple of his eye; What impressed me most was his grandfather’s eyes, Although he was wearing a pair of glasses, but it looks like eyes still so resolute, deep, giving a feeling of anger from the prestige.This is my most intuitive impression of grandfather.    Grandpa Deng’s hometown in Henan county luozhuang people, bitter childhood home, no way to give people an apprentice (just dinner, not to wages, to craft their own willing to learn the job, the master is not taught), mixed bowl of rice to eat ; the end of the apprenticeship, set up an affair, selling more Zhentouxiannao what became of a street peddler; thus, we went all the way to my grandfather’s hometown —- Xixia County, settle down; liberation after my grandfather entered the factory, when a worker, then, we have the family; not blame the old grandmother nagging listen: I have to thank the Communist Party, thanks to Chairman Mao; many years, my grandmother insisted portrait of Chairman Mao’s day on a former Hong Zhu Er, kid, I laugh at her superstitious then, and now think is really going on is that children.     Grandpa good record straight, good friends, it is a name, until now, I met some old neighbors back home, talking about my grandfather, also erected thumb, boast that he is a man; neighborhood weddings and funerals, invite him to do presided over the orderly arrangement of the size of things, all kinds of contradictions, but also to bury the hatchet; but the grandfather also has a bad mistake because it is easy to drink too much, and people of a mood, they will drink, stumbled back home, see who do not pleasing to the eye, this noisy, scolded the children scared and avoided him, really family are not quiet; therefore the family are opposed to him out drinking, he does not listen, he likes that occasion, like the kind of atmosphere , people like to compliment him; think also, my grandfather did not culture, when the factory is not an official post, but he resigned under public – spirited nature and people, so to neighbors for help in this matter, so he found the occasion to show their best; I like to listen to my grandmother and my father told me the things my grandfather, my father used to say my character too, like my grandfather, and indeed, my character, like my grandfather, sense of justice, Cool, even drinking is the same; heart disease grandfather probably due to excessive drinking caused by the sudden death of my father I have been opposed to this end excessive drinking, but I forgot to drink up, but the good thing is that I drank too much go to bed, do not make trouble; unconsciously, as if my grandfather became my idol, became my refuge God, unfortunately, I can not face to face communication and grandfather, not to listen to his teachings, not to see his style, so every time I go to my grandfather’s grave, I will point a cigarette inserted in front of his tombstone, a bottle of wine, slowly pour in a pile of loess, devout kneel, knock on nine head, then I would sit there, also point on a cigarette, and grandfather talk, talk about work, talk about life, will talk about the distress, like a summary of the year, finally, I would ask him to bless our family flat Ann; she’s like a memorial ceremony, once every year, or New year’s Eve, or Dragon Boat Festival, or no matter what time, as long as I return home, I will go.    Spring Festival is coming, this year, what are my progress, but also those mistakes, I will go back and talk about the good grandfather.