Short-lived, really beautiful

People often “short-lived” to describe the fleeting good things.There is a moment of good things and regret the demise of regret.Flash in the pan really so beautiful it?I could not help but lead to curiosity, once “Baidu”, finally got to see “blip” of the charisma.Exclaim: What a beautiful flower!White petals bathed in fresh white moonlight, the lotus-like shape reminiscent of “lightness finds” the lotus, Shoushenruyu, it is lovingly.    I did not personally see witnessed a “short-lived” scenario, but for her beauty and admiration.    ”Flash in the pan” What part of speech?neutral.Some derogatory meaning but slightly, I could not help some disaffected as night-blooming cereus.    Ten years of turmoil during the Cultural Revolution, I have a neighbor was a comic book home, because transcriptions posters inadvertently “poor peasant” written in the “greed lower-middle peasants” was beaten into a rightist.Since then, the reclusive do not want to relate to people, devote themselves to gardening.    One day, a group of Red Guards broke into his home, saying that those flowers are “closed-owned repair” poisonous weeds, without any explanation, while thwarted, will spend a pleasant fresh Bobo smashed all over the floor and stepped on their feet straining.Those poor elves so reluctantly wither until death.This is a group of innocent souls!    Soon, the family also was dismissed to the countryside.    Ten years later, this family went back to her homeland, the former vegetable garden had become.But who would have thought that a night-blooming cereus miraculously survived.Owner marvel, will spend cautiously re-implanted flower pot, to impose fertilizer, water, intensive care.In a country with bright moonlight night, when the night-blooming cereus actually survived after decades quietly blooming flowers!    Who can not tell this strain of night-blooming cereus, or that its children and grandchildren how to survive, we only know that she really survived!    I could not help but for her vitality and emotion, feelings of admiration the wells of night-blooming cereus.    In fact, the “short-lived” just was friends and dedication to tolerance!    Child, heard the adults told the story about the night-blooming cereus: According to legend, night-blooming cereus was originally a small Huaxian heaven, her avatar, Four Seasons open small, white flowers, faint aroma and lingering.A young man named Veda meticulous care of every day with beautiful flowers and earnings weak, give her fertilization, catch the worm, watering.Later, the night-blooming cereus fairy heart sprout in spring, fell in love with this flower lovers teenager.The Jade Emperor was furious after that, he gave the night-blooming cereus banished under the mortal, giving her only a daily hour of flowering.Epiphyllum very fairy infatuation, whenever clear, bright night, while Whitfield water down a passing time of graceful charming garden in full bloom, just to be able to take the side to see sweetheart.Thus, there is a “flash in the pan, only for Veda,” the legend.    The beauty of night-blooming cereus, not only in appearance, more beautiful in character, spirit.    Although today, night-blooming cereus no longer suffering ten years of turmoil, no longer subjected to harsh torture of the natural environment, but it still has a touching quality.Reasonable manner, not to show off wealth, just as gracefully celebrate the great life of bloom.    In fact, the night-blooming cereus is not a national product, but Exotic species, which is native to distant lands.