Mainland actor: Maya Shu constellation is what?

In recent years, the role of the drama’s “Big maidservants”, “Chun Tao of War” and Modern emotional drama, “the story of her family,” the plight woman appeared in numerous TV series, Maya Shu, Chinese actress.She is a promising actress, her eyes very clear, which means the audience from her eyes to see the movie.She created many roles, her acting is very good.Then the image quality is very good acting school, Maya Shu is what constellation the star constellation of it?  Constellation: Aries Performing experience in mid-1988 the Maya Shu starred in the first movie, “Beijing chick”; 1995’s first mid-starred in the TV series “Legend of life”; in 2000 starred in the costume drama of God “Journey to the West after the transfer” in the corner of the white lotus and popular; in 2007 starring Republican drama “Shun Niang” and “rather be a woman” to get a higher profile; in 2010 with “big maidservants” won the Golden South Television Festival Award for most popular actress.  2011 starring Maya Shu “home Story” series third broadcast, the show won with Maya Shu Youku video index Festival opened in strength Actress Award; the same year appeared in emotion fantasy drama “lock Dream House”; the 2012 war drama starring “The Mission”.Almost all of the plight of woman role.  Aries women always insist on their own, doing their own distinctive personality, is not very good control type, so they get along with the need for more inclusive.When talking about the impact of the plight of the drama for her, Maya Shu said, “In fact, my life is not a man crying in front of people always glossy, not immersed in sad mood.”Personal life December 12, 2006 and Maya Shu Wu and artists and married to August 11, 2009 Divorce.2010 Maya Shu and James Robert married and on November 25, 2014 gave birth to a girl.  Xiao Bian Analysis: Aries girls Ganaiganhen, have their own attitude clear, unequivocal, treat their own interests will whole-heartedly, very focused, but also a natural optimist, happiness is the main theme of life, sad tears just episode.These features in Maya Shu who have reflected most vividly.Take for filming, “is interested in filming, viewers do not mind being stereotyped.”In recent years, Maya Shu in more than play both as a female lead, but the characters addition to the plight of women, always appeared in the same type of subject matter of the play the audience will inevitably be finalized, however, did not mind Maya Shu.This is the simple pursuit of Aries woman and optimism, all the troubles are throw away the rest happiness is best.  You might like: Taiwan artists: Matilda Tao is what constellation is what constellation University “on” the famous singer Li Yuchun is what constellation?  Moon Sign What does it mean?