From the ground to carry a gift, he handed it to her, “some time ago to go abroad, and this is a gift to your belt before you’ve always wanted.”

  ”Thank you, sister.”
  ”I can not get you.”She Yangnu angry at her.
  A short period of time, and He feels Mu child star then click on closer relations, it is probably thanks to HE who ran the unique qualities approachable, she feel a little strange.
  She spoke to mentioned double process, then it is the mention: “I heard that girls are way home amnesia.”
  Mu child star impression Cheng family still in the stage of being unreasonable, playful tongue: “That’s their home should we blame these things in my head.”
  He ran his face appeared somewhat embarrassed: “Although I did not see, but there are also heard, Cheng family attitude is really quite.That’s what.”
  ”You think too much, have a good rest.”He then touched her shoulder and ask her wide.
  Mu child star thus worse perception of the way home, just curious voice: “His wife, who called dual process in the end is what people ah?”
  ”I’m not familiar with her, she was a good girl and Ding that relationship, our family is Italian and Ding Jiasheng head, it is difficult to talked together.I met her at the party several times, the process actually looks pretty double.”
  Mu child star of the outcome to be excited: “I am better than that and