e said a lot of breath did not hear CHENG Jia-xing go along, asked: “You drive youngest smartest, too help me think about what there is a way out.”

  ”That I can not, I have to go back to finger the wrong way were you complain.”
  ”.I promise not blame you, I assure you say.”
  ”Says Shaa?If I read you go this route gotta read it out on, do not say anything to test lifts, scholar always in a bar?Even scholar can not run from school to recruit a few people?In addition to the student honor to say, there are no other avenues to make money?Years ago can buy a red paper couplets word blessing to sell, usually also gives Transcription, money antecedents more to go, you are not diligent point also worry purse drum?”
  To CHENG Jia-xing said 上海夜网that, Zhu Hongzhi this capability, the school really is not, can not teach people.
  Inside the village there are better child is enrolled in a year with the tractor, the tractor was taken away when the mother after school for some time, into the county’s private supplementary school, more than a year now in the past, comparing him to go with Zhu literacy class students, the gap has widened.
  Tractor progress much faster than the village children looked on a lot of Emmanuel.
  Own nephew big it is stupid, can not be called very clever, at least a substantial part of his thoughts are with eating and get to eat the above, plus the family did not expect him to test the imperial Han, he initially put the target in on read, in fact, not pressure, can not be called very hard, which is fairly intentions.
  So can the village literac杭州夜网y classes and opened the gap so large, visible Zhu Hongzhi is really not teach people.
  However, these words CHEN北京夜网G Jia-xing just think in my heart, I did not say it.
  In fact but for Zhu Hongzhi have to li