do it.

  So no matter how Sumi aversion to these battles, she will not say things that make it close hand by mistake, not to continue such a mess gibberish.
  ”Voice down children, do not let others hear, like how to, like, I’m not unhappy, I was happy to go again, I was thinking about tonight are going and staple side dish, think of the God, you will feel I feel like my heart is not happy, in fact, where the Well深圳桑拿网.”
  Sumi did not want to Zhang Yuyu unhappy, so listen to Zhang Yuyu said, immediately denied.
  ”Do not lie to me, you sawed I still do not know ye?I have just come in that would be the child you are really happy, you have eyes with a smile, you look like you are now Shaa?His face is a smile too, I see your heart like a very awkward too.You and I can not say what’s?It is not mess with you my brother?Oh, you tell me.!Otherwi都市夜网se I walk around this long period of still misses.”Zhang Yuyu convinced that he is not mistaken, she pestered Sumi must in the final analysis how, even in the hands of manual labor have stopped, so helplessly watching Sumi.
  Look at her like this, Sumi if it does not say one two three, then is how are not run.
  Sumi helpless sighed, looked at the dragon engine side, we do not know if he say something to let Zhang Yuyu satisfied, it is estimated will be a large movement of the child they have over here by mistake.
  ”You sound a small point, I told you it wants.”Sumi leaned Zhang Yuyu, whispered and even lower.
  Zhang Yuyu heard that, but also do not agree?Quickly nodded and said yes.
  ”Did not you say these days you have a heavy snow?Road closures will not say it?”Sumi bring this mood is not good, sound is also very low.Now yea深圳蒲友论坛rs have passed, logically, it should not be snow right?In lijiacun, this season should be going to rain fishes ah.

  ☆, nine hundred and fortieth chapters: bacteria soup pot bottom

  ”Yes ah, year after year like this, loud noise?”Zhang Yuyu looked puzzled Sumi, without snow, road closures and closure does not have a sister, so what’s the relationship ah?
  But also because this thing is not willing ye?
  ”Hey…Long e