That sister emergency brake, turned around and ran like a gust of wind came over, picked up her purse Speed thanks particularly quickly: “Thank you ah little sister!If you had not reminded me of all – “

  Sister, then suddenly paused.
  Sister station maintains a semi-squat position, Nguyen looked up at Enron, behind a pair of round glasses are the boss eyes wide.
  Nguyen Enron: “.”
  what happened?
  ”My God!”Ji Ling sister a howl out of the sound, the people are instantly jumped up,” little small, little sister!You look too good read it?!And beautiful and cents!Simply, it is simply and koi fairy looks exactly the same in my mind ah!”
  Nguyen Enron: “.what?”
  ”Just on it, that I have a script!”Sister hurried in his messenger bag rummaging inside,” Little Sister I’m a screenwriter都市体验网!Our crew is now missing a particularly special role played fairy Koi!I think that you simply can not be a more appropriate!Would you like us to think about the crew ah?”
  Sister from the bag and pulled out a large wad of paper, his eyes shining with both hands and gave Nguyen Enron: “This is our little sister play!You can look at the sense of not interested!”
  Nguyen Enron: “.”
  .Koi role of fairy?
  I play myself,?

Chapter 7
  Screenwriter sister seems to be really in a hurry to catch up, after she finished these words, the script writing his contact details and a small piece of paper inside to Nguyen Enron, leaving the words, “Please be sure to carefully consider, if interested can contact me, “completely oriented to run a gust of wind did not figure.
  Nguyen Enron holding a stack of things that, in the writers’ sister ran out of the wind messy silent for a moment.
  .This script can be considered more confidential stuff it, so casually ga广州桑拿ve her the stranger it is really no problem?