Chen is also proud of her classroom, so they called to Pei Yiming and Chong Wen also put together a certificate attached to the classroom behind, and began to speak with emotion of education, as a teacher, she knew her class atmosphere the management is very important, a few days off, according to her observations, they fortunately no classes thorn students, even many excellent performance anomalies.

  Chen stood on the podium talking about, she was very good at mobilizing people’s emotions, some through her speech, just some sleepy students could not help but follow some excitement, though it, what is the best class, the best the students of this sort of argument, it sounds a little silly, in which the body can, but it will not help and are truly proud, showed any expression coursing, after all these medals, everyone for everyone, who less does not work.
  Then link, is the class cadre election, Chen is certainly a lot of experience, she told us to bear working class cadres, irrigation gave us a wave of chicken soup, such as her hope that every student can do for the class contribution, also in the run for the accumulation of experience and so for themselves, in short, after she had finished, many students are ready to make up.
  But the face of these, Pei Yiming feels bored, after all these things, and how to have nothing to do with him, joke, he would do the class cadre to do it?In addition to sports members in his life, nothing worked, then strongly pressing the teacher took the job, or because no one class basketball organization it.
  ”When深圳桑拿网 we think or not to sign up, the teacher would like to recommend a few these days about the good performance of students.”Chen smiled and said,” We all know that time we contacted did not last long, so, there are many students I currently do not know, but I do understand that it is the students, I think I can say on two sentence.”
  She first point of the highest enrollment of students two grades, hope they can hold office learning members of the class, and then made a point by virtue of prior art won provincial awards of the students, and this is before there is data, although she pay attention democracy, can still hope that some talented students to be willing to assume responsibility on the basis of the following.
  ”There are a few that we back seat, Pei Yiming, Pei Naochun, Chong Wen also students from all three of them reported that day, they take the initiative to help move books these days military training, class tea hot weather, all they help carry pack, as well as several on duty, the students were not hard enough to sweep clear, the teacher asked them to help, and they have left to do health.”Chen piece counting.
  Pei Yiming could not help but lost in thought, originally, these days he has done so much yet?He himself can not remember how?
  Moving book?Dad active registration, he can not always face to the father; early in the morning to school, it is because elderly father and rest, five or six points to get up every day, he had now over; do health pack tea, because the old health dad especially love to do, they could not help seeing the slightest unclean hands, he can not look at a father who worked alongside play with themselves?Things are moving the same way, a bucket of tea can be heavy, at least two or three individuals to move, Dad was thin arms spindly legs, how to do in case of injury?
  In short, he is really innocent, these, he not wanted to do, how to become a good student teacher in mind it?
  Pei Yiming re-think how can he have somehow become the class is currently the best performing students in Chen’s mouth, he was hard working, doing all kinds of white workers, and my heart is only a collective, very responsible, in a hero’s attitude contribution for the class doing.
  The village has also been behind the text could not help but bowed his head, scratched his hand to his head on, he wondered how it would be so embarrassed?Is not he follow the boss and cousin Pei did do some work?How they suddenly became a good student as.
  After Pei Yiming’s fantasy, he would politely refuse a teacher, does not participate in the election, I did not expect, this is actually a force, Chen has been in everyone’s agreed cleanly Pei Yiming the trio’s name written on blackboard, both to this, he can how to do?Only participate.
  But it does not matter, there are tricks Pei Yiming, he decided to deal with campaign speeches, in short thirty-two casual, showing their disdain on the line!
  ”Yat Ming, you also cultural campaign speech I look, I can help you guys modify it to read it?I write very set of speech.”Pei Naochun smile held out his hand to his son, gave Pei Yiming blow, before the original body was asked to go many places talked about investment class, do a little experience in this area.
  ”Me, I have not finished, I finished writing to you.”Pei Yiming dare to take himself wrote a less than six sentence also includes Hello everyone and thank you speeches to see my father, he quickly obliterated, buried up to change, then I would not write behind the village head Wen also arrested scratch cheek, wrestling, and finally make up up.