If you speechless, I will silence

If you are silent, I will be silent as a flower poetry as a grass dreaming is a situation to stop the one love nostalgia for the good and evil and how much joy to despair how many crazy men Rouge of the North through the ages have had sorrow on earth why was heartbroken love?If you are silent, I will be silent in the years hurried away and then meet quietly not to mention the joys and sorrows is a poignant ending ages who would understand the rivalry eyes hidden bitterness in the years to come, oh!You are more bitter tears my heart to pieces if it all has always ruthless style of elapsed gone pale memory is not Call of the trauma is no longer holding a bloody moon, pick a star owns a blue sky, clouds hold a waving your mind bitter taste the intoxicating feeling speechless, silent dusty love eachother at the moment, I want to have not just rhetoric nor Zhuang your heart, boiling surging combustion of pink clouds if you speechless, I will be silent