Winter health, light snow festival, eat more three black

Winter health, light snow festival, eat more “three black”

First, living in the winter, to go to bed early, do not stay up late.
Keep your feet warm and keep warm and prevent colds.
Pay attention to window ventilation during the day.
Go to bed at 10 o’clock every night, preferably with hot water bubble feet and massage the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot.
Second, the diet is light and snowy, should eat warm food and kidney food.
Warm foods include walnuts, grapes, chestnuts, chickens, shrimps, ginger, peppers, etc.; kidney foods include cashews, yam, medlar, purple rice porridge, ginkgo, walnuts, etc.
In addition, you should eat more black food such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans and so on.
That is to say, to be far away from “three whites”: sugar, salt, lard; but also near “three blacks”: the first is the fungus, the second is the laver, and the other is the purple rice, three black pairs of peopleBetter, this is the far-reaching “three whites” and near “three blacks” recommended by health experts.
Third, in the sports light snow festival, the weather is often cold and dark, green vegetation and red flowers are reduced, people’s mood will be affected by it at this time, especially easy to cause depression, so you should adjust your mentality, stay optimistic, often participate in someOutdoor activities to enhance physical fitness.
Fourth, during the practice of small snow, the performance of human diseases in the meridians is mostly the lesions of the liver and the liver.
The meridian of the liver starts from the big toe of the foot, and goes up along the anterior border of the instep of the foot. After the spleen and spleen in the eight inches of the internal iliac crest, the knee, the yin, the lower abdomen, the human abdomen, the stomach, the liver,Cholesterol, upper jaw, over-stressed ribs, along the throat, into the nasal sputum, ascending to the eye line, out of the amount, ascending and supervising the rendezvous.
Its branch veins are separated from the eye line, descending into the cheeks, surrounding the lips; another branch vein is separated from the liver, the upper part is sputum, and the lung is injected into the lungs.
1. Xiaoxue in mid-October, three to seven o’clock in the morning, the left hand presses the knee firmly, the right hand holds the left elbow to the right and pulls hard, then presses the right hand to press the knee, and the left hand pulls the elbow to the left.
Repeatedly do three to five times, and then the teeth moved thirty-six times, adjust the breath, and Jin liquid swallowed Dantian nine times.
It can be cured: elbow dislocation, rheumatic fever, gynecological abdominal swelling, enuresis, urinary incontinence, hematuria, varus, convulsions, joint swelling and pain, ribs, spasm and other symptoms.
2, dry bath massage station, sitting exercises can be, the whole body is relaxed, the two palms rub each other to heat, first massage 64 times in the face, with the finger from the front to the back of the head, the side of the head to do the hair movement 64 times, so that the scalpFever, then rub the two feet with the palm of your hand, each 64 times, and finally to the chest, belly back, do a dry bath, hot.
This method is suitable for preventing influenza.
3, the specific method of holding the knee to guide the work: sitting on the chair, the feet are separated from the shoulder width, the thigh and the calf are at a 90-degree angle, the trunk is straight, the whole body is relaxed, and the lower jaw is slightly inward.
Relaxed whole body, breathe evenly, the right foot does not move on the ground, lift the left knee, hold the lower part of the left lower leg with both hands, force close to the abdomen, move 36 times, then move the left foot on the ground, lift the rightKnee, two hands hug in the lower part of the right calf, force close to the abdomen, move 36 times, can make the lower limbs blood flow, the meridian dredge.
This method is suitable for lower limb pain and lower limb numbness below the knee.
Fifth, more sun, listen to music in the north latitude area, do not be afraid of cold and not go out, you should go out to the sun and receive the sun.
China’s traditional medical theory attaches great importance to the role of sunlight in human health. It is believed that the sun is used to help the body’s yang, especially in the winter, because nature is in a state of “yin and yang”, and people should be natural.Therefore, the sun often shines in winter, and it can also play a role in strengthening people’s yang and warming the meridians.
From the perspective of Western medicine, more sun in the winter, can supplement vitamin D, is conducive to the body’s absorption of calcium; sunlight can help the synthesis of serotonin, which is conducive to overcoming depression.
In winter, prevent fear, because it hurts the kidneys.
Be optimistic and treat everything positively.
In addition, Xiaoxue is already in the early winter season, the weather is relatively cold, and it is very important to dress and keep warm to prevent cold.