Looking for green mood in the office


Looking for green mood in the office

How to be a workplace emotional environmentalist When you understand your unconscious emotional pollution, it is likely to become the destroyer of the office’s environmental sentiment, you may wish to learn to be an office emotional environmentalist from today.

銆€銆€Obeying the rules of social games, after venting, I am certainly relaxed, but remember that interpersonal relationships must have the necessary sense of distance.

Emotions, like influenza, are transmitted to others.

If you are really upset, at least find a good friend to rely on, or talk to a professional psychologist.

Choose more independent self-excessive ability to over-depress, some out of hair, exercise, etc., this will exercise your ability to digest emotional garbage.

銆€銆€Learning to talk about some humorous jokes is not something that anyone can do, but being brave to speak is an introduction.

The humorous person in the office has always become the center of more people’s attention.

So let’s start from today, and practice a few tricks of humor. If not, at least be brave enough to participate in the joke field of the office.

銆€銆€Get out of the psychological self-abuse expectation If you always think of yourself as the most tragic person in the world, you are the “female sinus” in the office, then you will always have a grievance in your heart.

Over time, you may have an illusion that you are the most tragic person in the world.

銆€銆€Why don’t you imagine yourself being the lucky one?

Learn to be grateful and cherish, so how do you look better?

Is your black man full of contentment and happiness born from your heart?

銆€銆€Public and private sectors must be treated equally. Environmental destroyers have such a kind of people. They often clean up their homes when they are clean and tidy, leaving no trace of embarrassment.

But in public places, they often ruin the environment without jealousy.

Non-environmental people in the workplace often think that the workplace is a public environment, so you need to take good care of yourself?