Winter bathing starts from the feet


Winter bathing starts from the feet

In the cold winter, many friends still take the shower like a summer, open the faucet and let the shower fall down. In fact, this is unscientific.

銆€銆€This is because the low temperature in winter makes the blood vessels of human skin shrink, while the temperature of bath water in winter is relatively high. The warm water suddenly comes from the head, causing the human body regulation system to be 鈥渦nprepared鈥? causing head and body skin.The blood vessels suddenly expand, and a large amount of blood is concentrated on the surface of the skin, causing the vital expansion of vital organs such as the heart and brain, dizziness, chest tightness and the like, which are unavoidable and come to the door.

For those who have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, this practice is no different from “adding to the snow.”

Rapid contraction of the heart can cause cardiovascular contraction, heart cramps, severe cases even lead to acute myocardial infarction; rapid expansion of the brain is prone to hemiplegia, aphasia and other “stroke” symptoms; blood pressure in patients with hypertension suddenly drops, dizziness, palpitationWait for symptoms, even fainting.

銆€銆€Therefore, the best way to take a bath in winter is to wash the feet with hot water before bathing. After the feet are warm, slowly pour water on the body, so that the body has a process of gradually adapting.

In addition to the “sequence” of bathing, the water temperature should not be too high, 37 掳C -40 掳C is appropriate; time, the winter shower is best not more than 10 minutes, bathing no more than 15 minutes; drink a cup of warm water before bathing.

Every year before and after the Spring Festival is a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and middle-aged and elderly friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention.

銆€銆€During the Spring Festival, friends and family often drink some wine when they meet. It is important to note that you should not take a shower immediately after drinking.

Because in the bath, the glucose stored in the human body will be consumed a lot due to physical activity and blood circulation, and alcohol will inhibit the normal physiological function of the liver, so that the stored liver glycogen can not be converted into glucose, and it is added in time.The blood goes in, which causes a significant drop in blood sugar levels, and even severe shocks.

Therefore, the best time to take a bath is about 2 hours after drinking.