Five kinds of thin people’s diet and fattening points


Five kinds of thin people’s diet and fattening points


The figure is tall and thin.

This slender person is caused by insufficient intake.

Under normal circumstances, the height of the body expands and expands, and the conversion consumption increases.

Therefore, if the transient introduced does not guarantee the need for consumption, it will not be able to be anyway.

銆€銆€Friends who fall into this situation can eat more foods that contain high levels of conversion.

First of all, the staple food must be eaten enough, and it should be guaranteed to be more than 600 grams per day. It should also eat more light foods.

If you have a small amount of food, can you add 2 meals to 3 meals?
3 times.

Adding meals can include sweets with high transients such as snacks, cakes, sweet biscuits, creamy chocolates, etc.

銆€銆€The most effective way to gain weight is to eat high-protein foods or desserts, sweet milk, etc. half an hour before going to bed.

This can stimulate the secretion of insulin, promote protein and trace synthesis, and facilitate hypnosis.


Those with poor appetite are mostly due to less gastric acid secretion. In the diet, they should take more appetizing foods, such as hawthorn, lemon, orange, strawberry, etc., and should also eat less fried foods, because fried foods will block the secretion of gastric acid.


For those who have weak gastrointestinal absorption function and small food intake and poor appetite, should pay attention to eating less food and vegetables, fruits, especially celery, leeks and high-quality foods containing a mixture of crude fiber.
It is best to eat foods rich in high-quality protein, such as milk, eggs, eggs, fish, tenderloin, tofu and soy products.

This will not only ensure nutrition, but also facilitate digestion and absorption.


If you have a stomach sag, try eating a small, high-volume food.

Pay attention to less soups and drinks when eating, try to eat a small amount of time-sharing food, so as not to cause a feeling of bulging.


Among the young girls, those who are too “squatting” are not very rare, and most of them are caused by humans.

Because some people think that thinner than fat, blindly control diet, resulting in metabolic imbalance and metabolic dysfunction in the body, even leading to anorexia are not individual.

In fact, “fullness is the performance of bodybuilding, the bodybuilding of the body and the strong body are closely related.