[Right and wrong] impression Anyang Cao Cao tomb

Anyang as a people, as a special Anyang write a book, it seems that there is not a non-writing, I must say the theme, and that is Cao Cao and his grave.    In fact, I heard the beginning of Cao Cao’s tomb in Anyang, I, like most people in Anyang is both excited and agitated, around the field to call friends, send text messages, online chat forget to remind users, concerned about the tomb of Cao Cao.For me, a citizen Anyang, it is an honor and pride ah!As for the foreign friends, they showed great calm, I tend to be irrepressible excitement, said half a day, they only use two words to respond to me, “is not it?”.    Later, with the further excavation of the tomb of Cao Cao, about the right and wrong tomb of Cao Cao even more, voices of doubt continue.    From a historical point of view, from an objective stance and to see a notary, an archaeological discoveries, controversial criticism is natural that there are things again, let alone such a historical celebrities like Cao Cao, Cao Cao tomb like this millennium puzzled mystery of.What happened a thousand years ago, from scratch, from break to stand, how to speak with one voice?In my layman, I do not understand the archaeological, historical research is not deep person, that if there is no dispute, it should not be a normal thing.    Debate, screening, confirmation, and even criticism, the original is a normal thing academically, if only to determine Cao Cao in the end buried there, without any utilitarian or economic benefits, in any case are considered normal debate.The key is to debate the debate by those who have the attitude and purpose, if not originally added some archaeological stuff, the problem is complicated, but also make people feel normal.As previously reported the Guangzhou Daily: is not difficult to get a glimpse of the moment around the “tomb of Cao Cao,” the so-called academic debate, it seems not out to reveal the truth, defend the truth and to carry forward the spirit of science, but for the interests of the factions of the dispute, Face abacus.Academic dispute not only to play down or even give up the spirit of science, also abacus crackle.Around the “tomb of Cao Cao,” from start to finish, inside and out, all trace of smoke flavor competing interests of a son.    ”Cao Cao’s tomb” is true or false, is still uncompromising, put aside some “vivid detail” whether its true or false, just showing a genuine dispute behind it, enough eye-opener.A grave, put the kind of current scientific decay of society, impetuous, mercenary state of the world to show its head.    When suddenly remembered just got this message, I am thrilled and excited to, if I am not a citizen of Anyang, Anyang I do not live in this land, heard the news about Cao Cao’s tomb in Anyang, I will be so thrilled and excited it?So, some things figured out, I want to open, like open-minded, and also be able to far fewer of right and wrong.Some things are indisputable fight does not come, noisy quarrel is not the.History This is how is how, Cao Cao If that is buried in Anyang, either you then wonder what “Wang Wei Wu often used by cell Tiger Euphorbia” The tune is false, no matter how you put fake process and place To put a nose with eyes, it also could not conceal the truth of history.If that is not, but what use is it fraud?As people often say, hide can only be temporary, but I will not be.I can not really fake, can not really be false.As our modern, state of mind or the flat bar, wait time and history, we believe that history and time will make the most fair award.    I suddenly felt, for me, an ordinary school literature for people who do not go to see the tomb of Cao Cao, the book I say that Cao Cao, also irrelevant.The most authoritative and most official of Cultural Relics and Archeology of the Chinese Academy of Social conclusions are questioned, a layman I said what kind of strength?Who would care about how I say the people who engage in literature?    (August 2010 Friday 27th)