Mother can’t surf the Internet. She can’t feel’ filial piety’ in her circle of friends.

Today is May 14, 2017, Mother’s Day in Western culture. It has also become popular in China in recent years. When I got up in the morning and opened WeChat, I saw countless sons and daughters in the circle of friends. Many people are expressing their gratitude to their mother in very emotional words..     As the saying goes, ” Sheep have the grace to kneel and milk, crows have the meaning to feed back.” In the animal world, we should be grateful in our human society. We should always remember the hardships of mother’s pregnancy in October and the pain of childbirth once.. Our gratitude to our mother and filial piety not only stay in the festival, but must be practiced in our life all the time..     I believe that in China, many parents are farmers, and only a few mothers can use the Internet to brush up friends. Many parents are getting up early and greedy every day, busy and busy, and don’t have much time to pay attention to what happens on the Internet.. Our most practical way is to call my mother at night when she is not busy and tell her about her recent work and life. So that mother can hold snacks for us less. If we have more time to wait by our mother’s side, then go and talk to her about family life and watch a TV set that you may have watched many times to make her less lonely and happier.. This is perhaps our most pragmatic ” filial piety”.     With the development of modern society, many young people are far away from their hometown, from their mothers, and struggle in big cities. They can count the days when they can get together with their mothers all the year round with their fingers.. Many young people always think that they send money to their families on time every month, and it is good enough to buy food and clothing for their mother’s big bags.. Who knows, this is not what the mother wants most. She hopes to meet her children in big cities more often and make more phone calls so that her heart will not be so lonely.     Mother does not need your grandiloquence in the circle of friends, but needs a phone call in your spare time. Mother doesn’t need you to give her much alimony, but hopes her children can take more time to go home and have a chat with her. Mother doesn’t need your big bags to mail things home, but hopes her children will always report peace to her home so that she won’t worry so much..     Mother won’t be able to surf the Internet. She doesn’t feel’ filial piety’ in our circle of friends. Please use our more pragmatic and effective way to express affection and nurturing kindness to mother.! ( Wen / Zhonghua Aoxue Hanmei ) ) Author QQ: 951043575