“Hidden Leaf said:” I suppose I have to send you a free treatment.”

  Luonan Yun surprise, no wonder a lot of people can some of the hidden leaf legend incurable diseases in the body, and even strange intoxication can be cured, that he can not only take advantage of this grass poison woman harm, but also to take advantage of this poison to save lives.
  Luonan Yun lie hidden leaf and necessary.
  Because even if he intentionally whole Luonan Yun, Luonan Yun also complain about most is two, not because of this thing fell out.
  ”What my stomach?”Luonan Yun asked cautiously.
  ”Always a woman and some dubious mix, just how ‘dirty’ Need I say it?”Ye hidden asked:” Young people pay more attention to his private life, behave yourself, if not help fucks also necessary to ensure the health, otherwise you can not blame I did not warn you.”
  Luonan Yun This time is convinced, scared of stunned.
  Dr. Ye Yinzhe almost comparable to fortune-telling, even Luonan Yun did not like to say the things Daitao!
  ”thank.Dr. Xie Xieye!”Luonan Yun which also dare to speak out of turn.
  Ye hidden answer, waved to indicate he can leave.
  Luonan Yun This quickly drove away, he called to the leadership to ask for leave, and then opened his own car to the used car market, low-cost treatment to Che Fanzi.
  Car dealers enough money to buy him a loan to the new Jeep Wrangler up.