Can not afford.

  So Chen diving can be concluded, Zhao Wei Tong is a living environment and are in excellent condition girl.
  While the owl this expert body very obvious “label”, although they say nothing, Chen diving can roughly guess his origins, this way, Chen diving identity Zhao Wai-tung will have a rough outline of the.
  Needless to say, the identity of the girl is absolutely extraordinary.
  ”I like to play off-road.”Ye Xiao Yao came interjected:” My family has Wrangler vehicles, and when we have time, go off-road?”
  Zhao Wei Tong nodded: “That was a good car, change it up quite interesting?”
  ”What changed?”Ye Xiao Yao this ‘blind cross-country’ simply do not know it is to buy Wrangler modified, rather than as a tool to commute her home, her sisters in a throwaway.
  Zhao Wei Tong smiled to understand, this is a pure white in front, bought a car so that Wrangler has been running naked on the road.
  ”And so I have time to play with the knowledge that you look at the car.”Zhao Wei Tong smiled:” Once you have the experience to bid farewell to the rookie, I guarantee you’ll end everything to make your own pony try a variety of modified various cool.”
  Chen looked diving Pajero V93 retro look, lightly: “But after the blood will gradually become numb, until such flashy faded to you, they will not seek publicity