Assistant in the heart of “wow” was heard to cry out, complain he said: “Miss Luo too bully people, early in the morning with two bodyguards waited at the front of my house, came out to see me, set me straight to the sack.”
  Put him worried that his innocence was not guaranteed.
  Luo results fell just took away his cell phone, so that according to his bodyguard opened the hand with a fingerprint machine, then took the president’s girlfriend micro-channel contacts.
  Assistant exaggeration: “I heard Miss Luo said that if not when the small three to go to prison, she was sure to get involved in the feelings you and the Mrs..”
  ”President, you think of a way, I think Miss Luo is going to find his wife trouble, take Ms. Qian Zazou, that she became Mrs. President!”
  Was terrible!

Find someone to Chapter 29
  Assistant, then inside, then outside is a meaning: to break off the Luo, President and Mrs. President, sinister.
  No feast of the feast, there is no split lingers couples.
  Reserve guard knew his heart and happy heart to heart, with the promise to each other.Their deep feelings, but feelings are deep and then can not afford to spend the.Our ancestors once said, as long as the effort of deep strokes fell great oaks.Similarly, as long as the time is long, the feelings can be ground into a powder.
  No, he never allowed.
  ”Five minutes, this woman all the information referred to my hands.”
  Overbearing domineering president of putting the dead under the command assistant