Do not the joy of.”

  System: “that he particularly severe blind?”
  Oct-long burst of micro angina: “rub!You’ll chat with you??”
  My life was quickly raised her foot almost, also went to the back to school time, she told The Study Of special mention it, his response was beyond her expectations.
  ”The school where I can help you leave a.”
  ”why?The doctor said that I hurt not ready yet?”
  Get along with him for so long, was found by Li Ji Xin micro long had a special characteristic, that is, when he did not want to lie to her and would not compromise, they usually are silent on this, and if she persisted, he would hold her doom rushed over kiss her until she was afraid of not dare mention.
  Think of a lesson, Xin long micro shiver, quietly sad tears shed two lines.
  Now the school has a curriculum almost finished, there will be able to graduate a semester, do not go or not the so-called.
  Systematic accompany her, Actually, I’m bored, Li Ji Shu noticed her attitude is very soft, it is clear she agreed, very happy for days, the evening meal, he took her for a walk down the stairs digestion, just like love is like a couple of small.
  Sidelined support