“Han Xia staring straight out, a bit out of mind told roommates.Unconsciously, she pulled tight iron my own hands, the only way to bring a bit of give her a sense of security.

  She did not look back, but had heard someone sent a sobbi深圳桑拿网ng sound.
  In fact, Han Xia also very scared, that’s a zombie, they have a few people in line to see someone else put up pict深圳桑拿网ures zombie, grim and frightening.If you really want to face their own, even though she has abilities, Han Xia heart also some hair is true.
  ”Come on.”Give yourself a good mental construction, Han Xia gently breath, the first to go out.
  The corridor becomes quiet, in this case, from time to time the sound of chewing also become clear.
  ”God, how do I seem to hear the sound of someone eating something.”The most timid roommate Lisi this is some crazy quiet up in the first crash.
  Hole static, such as paused, turned pale, “I have heard.”
  ”Run.”Han Xia suddenly shouted, quickly pulled the already petrified Lisi ran to the stairs.
  A few people behind the mutation has been completely lost in the hands of zombie food, “ho ho” cried come to catch up with its new food.
  Han Shara went to the Lisi from the fourth floor to the南宁桑拿 third floor, just to continue to run down, suddenly I felt a breeze with decadent taste across to action faster than brain, Han Xia his own abilities wood gaze, go out and play in a wave of zombies who make two steps back.
  Subsequently Made, Han Xia and his face is pale.
  Followed by a zombie, stairs, where there are three zombies in their Duzhe.
  Han Xia, a little step back, originally thought to also save some abilities, it seems from the inside out to kill these zombies has been very good.
  ”Lisi you were back, behind the green zombies to you.”Han Xia said, while the combination of diffe