y is a lady with make arrangements.”Plum said..

  ”The old lady said, let Er Ye with two grandmother lived here tonight.”
  ”Oh, you know, and go on.”
  If in the past, Xiao Shi Lao Taijun with two arbitrarily call the shots, his yard ended up this way, Xiao Yu would certainly get angry, do not live here.
  He likes simple and elegant things like, do not like this bright red and green Chromic.
  Today, however, grandmother and mother of two people allowed to stand, but added he felt quite untimely.
  Because he has been with the temperature nine, it has no real line of the Duke of the ceremony.
  After leaving Yung City, almost every day, they are on their way.
  During the day the road to catch a day, finally, until the evening, you can cast shop or spend the night, already exhausted.
  Xiao Yu actually okay, after nine can warm wash, and his head upon the pillow, you can sleep.
  Such a situation, how the heart Xiao Yu, the temperat杭州夜网ure nine wake up from their sleep to do the kind of thing it?
  During the day, the bumps in the carriage, the guards were around there.
  Xiao Yu even wait any longer, we can not do anything to warm nine in the carriage.
  Moreover, Wen nine pairs that matter children, but also not the same as Xiao Yu, writings about to explode.
  In the end she is a woman, very reserved, moreover, did not like the man, there is a strong need.
  Therefore, the temperature nine have never volunteered anything.
  Xiao Yu also can not force her.
  One to two to go, a delay, returned to the capital.
  Say it, others will not believe.
  The couple reunite for so long, even children do not do that!
  If this thing spread out, let people know, and certainly some people will say he will not do that regard.
  As everyone knows, he has endured is simply si广州桑拿网ck to come Biechu.