”what do you mean.”

  After half an hour, pour Yu received a text message a friend of the industry, the other let him add a micro-channel, micro-channel metaphor dipping prohibition added, so he can only add others, he added a micro-channel, fleet introduce themselves to the magic of media CEOs, media magic metaphor dumping have heard, the last time he heard people say that Lin Feng’s film investment abortion, thought that the film shoot does not go, who knows I do not know where to come a magic media, and give it to invest thousands of movie ten thousand.
  ”Hello.”Fang fennel initiative to say hello.
  Fang fennel hesitated a moment, in fact, she hesitated not to tell it to pour Yu, but she decided to sell personal situation, of course, such a thing thankless深圳桑拿网, something transferable property, Yu pour absolutely impossible to sit idly by , and never could endure such a woman, but this thing sooner or later burst, burst out later, Fang fennel will naturally know, this is not a problem of self-esteem.
  ”A few days ago a friend of mine accidentally photographed a group of photos, but I’m not sure whether Mr. Yu wondering.”
  Yu pour frown, realizing that this is not a trivial matter.
  ”You say.”
  ”It’s about your wife and her broker.”
  Yu dumping silent for a moment, he had a premonition that this news is definitely not small, but he is also aware that his wife recently not quite right, because the beam has been clear for a long time would not let him touch the.
  Fang Yu fennel direct mail them to pour, as well as evidence of transfer of property.
  There was a long silence.
  Yu pour it back: “Who else knows these things?”
  ”In addition to my friend and I do not know, Mr. Yu Rest assured that if I want to have long exposure exposure, but this is your family, I think you should know early to get ready for.”
  Pour Yu nodded his finger on the screen, after all, is the result of the storms, and this would have been much less his heart wroth, and instead began to worry about the property business, “you will be exposed?”
  ”In fact, it came out of the exposure did not harm Mr. Yu, a man was derailed by transfer of property, always cause sympathy to all passers-by, but before that, I think Mr. Yu might want to secretly prepare to gather other transfer of property the evidence, so in your favor.”
  Yu pour uncertain mood, silent for a long time staring at the photograph again that the two of.
  Liang Ching is a 18-line star, no broker, so Yu pour a share broker with her for so many years, he single-handedly brought out a broker, we can say two people very close relationship, there are many entangled on the economy, brokers If the joint transfer of property together with his wife, imagine the pressure he faced.
  While being betrayed two closest people, pour Yu anger it hard, for a long time, the phone was suddenly fling.
  But he picked it up, and “Thank you, what do you want from me?”
  Fang fennel smiled, “I do not want to say what you believe it?You will when I’m nosy it, to be a good news prior to exposure.”
  Yu dumping has calmed down, he realized that Fang fennel said yes, after this news came to light that he would become the object of sympathy for the whole network, search for evidence of a lawyer, let the whole thing themselves in a favorable direction, if we can take this two had clear evidence of stealing, I’m afraid more.