Luks personal driver just wait in the car, you can still distinguish the night, the woman was not Miss late, which made him confused.
  What he wanted to ask, but never the central rearview mirror to see the total land face stretched tight grip, locked brow rare irritability, throat, then put it back.
  Silence car, air Lengsu.
  Lit light on the plate, the basic information display and a series of white human comfort of the same name.
  After several minutes, the car parked in the home land, Jing Lu Yan stowed flat.The driver for his Lakaijumen, butler waiting at the side.
  Lu Jing Yan nodded slightly, then went straight to the car after.Pressed the key to open the trunk, removed from a large volume of cake boxes.Cartoon packaging, printed children’s illustrator, and he was a serious suit out of tune.
  The box contains Chi Cheng cake zoo.Dinner dishes rich, do not eat cake.Lu Jing Cheng Chi Yan promised to bring back.Which is also equipped with ice cubes, frozen role play, and will not be broken in stuffy carriages.
  Late mother meaningful look, see people send virtual heart, but in the end did not say what.
  Chi Chi Cheng Ying to get back to the room, with his wash sleep.
  Chi Cheng is still very excited, with bright eyes, tirelessly and late cherry restatement of the things that happened today.
  For example, my father is very high, handsome helicopter, sea water is very soft, big cake.
  Chi Cheng and grandmother had just said it again, this time again, and my mother said, bored.
  Until his voice growing sof北京夜网t, eyelids grew heavy.Talking, then he plunged into a small head in her arms, closed his eyes and fell asleep.
  Tiring, walking on the beach on the island has been one did not stop.He was very tired, a little heavy breathing.
  Today might be a birthday born since the late Cheng spent most successful, his eyebrows stretch, mouth Ruoyouruowu bent arc, sleeping Yan very cute.
  If you just go to sleep, they fall into the US dream.
  Chi Chi Cheng Ying regularly patted on the back, until he sleep well.She opened the phone, Lu Jing Yan received a daily good night.
  Then habitually view mailbox and found “thorn had” sent a film crew shooting a notification mail of Dingzhuang Zhao.
  Time soon, to set at October 8, the first day after the holiday.
  Her sense of good shots, not nervous.Just stay focused on the daytime Cheng Chi, also without a manager to take care of the mailbox’s sake, return some time later.